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Why are people still blogging the old-fashioned way?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

All it takes is one look at social media like TikTok and Instagram to realize people are more interested in video content than the old-fashion written blog. Even Pinterest relies on new idea pins (video-based), so it would seem that blogging is slowly dying. But is that really true?

My opinion is that no, blogging is very much alive, and there are many valid reasons why you should keep blogging and writing what you like.

Why? Because when people search for information or inspiration, they are still interested in reading and finding written answers. Sure, video is useful, but it's hard to cite and remember all the info.

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Have you ever asked yourself, why do you blog, or if it's worth it? Today, there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the Internet, so it is interesting to consider what their purposes are.

Your blog can be a gold mine of useful information, or it can be a way to promote affiliate products and earn an income. It can also act as part of your business or portfolio to promote your business.

Why do people still blog?

To me, blogging is a side-hustle and a way to share new information. But, everyone has his or her own reason to blog. Let's look at some of the reasons why blogs are still popular and profitable.



Blogging is accessible to all

At the basic level, blogging is accessible in the sense that you can share your ideas, express your opinions or market yourself online from the comfort of your home.

Blogging is the simplest way to get your piece online. You do not need any special skills, as most adults can read and type.

Basically, you have a virtual piece of paper where you just write your thoughts, experiences, and new products and hope they inspire your reader to try your products as well.

A laptop, a phone, and an Internet connection (who doesn't?) are all you need to blog and advertise.

Sure, you need to buy a domain and host your blog, then apply for an ad revenue program to start making money. But, this process is quite affordable and straightforward.

Readers still trust bloggers

People still trust bloggers and their opinions because they know it takes time and effort to create content.

There's an authenticity to blogging. Today, in an era where advertising dominates our lives, we question the credibility of its claims. As opposed to paid advertising, blogs allow real people to share their own real-life experiences.

The experience of reading blogs about first-hand product use is similar to talking to people about their first-hand experience.

When buying a product, it's best to buy something that's been tried and tested, so if people find your review useful, you're more likely to get a sale, referral, or affiliate income.

Blogs boost business & they're a great marketing tool

Once your blog gets more visitors, your brand will start to take off. But, it's important to combine blogging with a visible social media presence to keep attracting readers.

Make your business name known to your targeted marketing group in order to get your name out to the public as quickly as possible.

If you want to reach women interested in makeup, for example, you can blog about topics and products in that niche. Use the blogs associated with this marketing group to provide useful and intelligent information about topics relevant to your niche, brand, and target audience.

But to be successful, you must avoid sounding like an advertisement. Authenticity is so important these days since the blogging market is so saturated. You must provide readers with real value.

You can always add new content and grow

Keeping your blog fresh is one of the best things you can do as a blogger.

This implies that you should post frequently and change things up when doing so. Post about a variety of topics to keep your audience engaged.

Also, make sure to update your blog at least twice a week. People who become fans of your site will want to read as much as they can on it. They will be entertained if you update your blog on a frequent basis.

If you only write once a month, it's unlikely that anyone will remember to visit your site again, and your traffic will suffer.

Also, think about how you generate traffic and bring people to your blog from social media and other websites or Google (search engines).

If you're using Pinterest, you can always create new pins and idea pins to link back and bring people to your blog. This is an excellent way to grow and remember this: blogging growth is pretty much unlimited so perseverance is key.


So, if you're wondering "Is blogging still a thing in 2022?" the answer is yes, it's very much alive and thriving.

A blog can be used to educate, enlighten, share or market a product or service, provide assistance, and so much more. People are always on the search for information, advice, or products, and being a blogger gives you a certain amount of credibility.

Therefore, if you're an active blogger with new content and a high social media presence, people will keep coming back to your blog to read more.

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