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The Easy Way To Write Blog Posts and Articles

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Want to make writing blog posts easier? It's all about how you do research and compose all the information.

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The easy way to write blog posts and articles

I know from personal experience that writing articles and blog posts can be frustrating. Inspiration and motivation aren’t there with you 24/7.

Sometimes, writing is hard work and that’s why I want to share some tips about writing blog posts and articles to help you feel more at ease about writing.

I am breaking down the writing process into 3 parts: getting started, draft, links & polish. I am calling this “the easy way” because if you break down the process and take it one step at a time, it’s less frustrating than trying to do everything at once.

Doing research, writing ideas, and keywords down on a notebook or on NotePad can help you organize your thoughts.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases. This blog post contains affiliate links.


Part 1 is all about laying down the foundation of your next great blog post. The first thing you want to do is figure out your topic. This means that you MUST do some research about your topic to figure out the most important KEYWORDS because having relevant keywords is important for SEO rankings.

Write down all your ideas into a notebook or onto a blank document. Don’t be afraid of messy notes, scribbles, and jotted fragments. You may or may not actually use these ideas but it’s good to have them out there for future reference.

Think about potential keywords! Do your SEO and Keyword research online.

- make a list of at least 10 keywords and 5 long-tail keywords.

- download a keyword tool browser extension (trust me, it helps a lot)

Next, you want to read at least 2 other blog posts or articles about your topic and grab some ideas from them. DO NOT plagiarize, just look at the layout, the writing style, the graphics, the links, and the main ideas. Think about how your blog post can be even better.

- ask yourself “what extra information and value can I provide for my reader?”

Tip: If you use WordPress (which I don't) but I do manage several WordPress blogs, use the YOAST plugin. It helps with readability and SEO. It optimizes your blog post for you, thus saving you lots of time!


In part 2 of the writing process, you will write your blog post or article. Think of it as a rough draft that doesn’t need to be perfect. Write down a title that includes good keywords. Then, start writing your introductory paragraph, where you want to tell your readers what value your post will provide. Finally, you will write your entire blog post. You can start by writing down the major points and then developing those, one at a time.

At this point, if you feel stuck or out of ideas, go search for posts on your topic and read some more blog posts by other people. It’s almost certain that you will come up with something more to write. Try reading scholarly articles, or articles in popular news / online publications (if there are some on your topic).

There are many experts in literally everything these days, so I’m sure there are many blog posts on all topics all over the internet.

Make sure each part of the blog post has some valuable information that makes the reader want to keep on reading.


When you reach part 3, you should have a complete article or blog post. What you need to do now is add all your links and edit your article.

- include affiliate links

- add images or affiliate product photos

- change fonts and font sizes where necessary

After all your backlinks and affiliate links are now well integrated into your article, read your article, and make edits. I used the term "polish" because your blog post should be easy to read, understand, and remember. It should feel clean and polished without any major mistakes.

- Fix any spelling and grammar errors (use apps and extensions like Grammarly)

- Make sure the layout and structure are coherent

Before you hit the "publish" button, re-read the blog post and think about making at least one improvement.

Now you should have some content you can confidently post for the world to see.

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