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The 5 SEO Tips You Need to Know About Right Now

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

When you think about SEO (search engine optimization), you automatically think of Google search rankings for your blog or website. There are countless articles and tutorials on the internet teaching you how to rank #1 on Google. But honestly, most of us won't even come close to ranking #1. That's why I think it's important to try to optimize your blog posts and do some research for each new post you write and publish. Even if you don't rank at the top, doing the minimum SEO requirements will help you attract more readers and potential customers (if you are selling your own stuff or doing affiliate marketing).

Before getting started, do your reading & research!

Look at the Google SEO tips and guidelines (

Here are 5 tips to follow if you want to improve your site ranking in 2020!


TIP #1 - Original Content

This gets repeated over and over again, but it's so essential for getting good rankings! "Original" is in quotation marks here because it's actually very hard to come up with something 100% original and groundbreaking. Here's how I think about original content:

- provide new information or insight on a topic

- have relevant keywords and phrases

- add something exciting or a bonus that makes your post stand out from the rest

- have exciting titles and subtitles - make the title seem relevant for readers

- add a sense of urgency to your titles - make readers feel like they NEED to read your post right now

TIP #2 - Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking activity on your site, including the number of page views, the time spent on your site, bounce rate, etc. Signing up for Google Analytics is free of charge, so it's definitely worth adding an analytics code to your blog or website. If the time spent on your page is short, it means users/readers are not finding enough value in your content and it means you should change your strategy or start adding fresh content ASAP.

TIP #3 - Keywords

Keywords are what help search engines figure out what your page is about. Develop a strategic use of keywords. Using relevant keywords and phrases will get you high rankings on Google. It's important to do keyword research before you begin writing and add the keywords that are being searched for into your content strategically. It's essential that you use keywords strategically because using too many too often, (known as keyword stuffing) will actually ruin your rankings because Google will consider your post spammy.

Don't forget about tags and hashtags because tagging is now very important!

TIP #4 - Easy Navigation

Google prefers websites that offer easy access and navigation for its users. As a user, you've probably noticed that websites and blogs with easy navigation bars are much easier to use because you can easily find the information you want. Navigation refers to the links to the pages on your site. You want the most relevant and popular content to be easily visible and clickable. Bots will index your site pages which will influence your Google rankings. The order in which your links are placed will tell the bots that crawl your page which pages are the most important.

SEO experts recommend having a single bar navigation structure, which means on long bar at the top of the page with your most important categories linked there.

TIP #5 - Optimize your site for Mobile Devices

The number of people using their mobile devices to browse the web has increased dramatically! In 2019 and 2020, it's absolutely necessary to optimize your blog or website for mobile devices. If you're using a website builder like Wix (I am), there is an optimization feature you can easily use which shows you what your site looks like on a mobile device and I always use that feature when I edit my blog. You want to make sure your site runs fast on mobile devices too. Do some reading on the habits of mobile users to see how speed and ease of access affect the user experience of mobile users. If they are satisfied with how your site or blog looks and works on a phone or tablet, users are more likely to come back!

If you found my 5 tips helpful, feel free to share my post.

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