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How to Research Pinterest Keywords and Trending Ideas Using the Search Bar

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

There are many keyword research tools available but today I want to show you how I research Pinterest keywords and trending ideas using Pinterest's own search bar. This is the easiest method to do basic keyword research and honestly, it works!

The idea is to have pins full of keyword-rich descriptions, titles and have SEO friendly pins that can go viral.

For starters, I recommend using a PC or a laptop/MacBook to get this method to work effectively.

STEP #1- for general research / gathering ideas

Go the home page & click the Search Bar

Your "home page" should look something like this:

After clicking on the SEARCH bar, you will get a dropdown feature where you should check out the Trending Ideas section and click on relevant search results.

If you are doing general research and want to find out what's TRENDING ON PINTEREST, here's you'll find a visual representation of popular ideas, trending keywords and popular search terms people are searching for. Remember that Pinterest is a search engine after all, and you should regularly look at what people are searching for.

Choose a term / keyword / topic which fits your niche or you want to use - > click on it. For my example, I will use "bedroom decor".

The top section which I outlined in red shows you the top searches / most searched keywords related to your bedroom decor keyword. You should see which of those terms are relevant to your pin and use them in your pin description.

Next you want to scroll down through the pins / images until you find the "searches to try" section. You will find this section as your scroll through the pins. It will provide good alternate keywords and other popular search terms.

To find even more good keywords and ideas / terms, click on one of the suggestions. For my example I will use "Master bedroom ideas". Now we are searching and researching even deeper and expanding our terms.

The "master bedroom ideas" search has provided even more keywords and terms you can use in Pin titles and pin descriptions. This will make your pins even more SEO friendly.

After going through this process, you will go to the Pinterest home page and type your main keyword in the search bar...again you will be provided with at least 4 additional suggestions.

See my example below:

This is all very basic keyword research with no other research tools involved, besides Pinterest.

OK, now you have your keywords, now what?

Add a pin description with those keywords but DO NOT use KEYWORD STUFFING. Use some of the keywords in sentence form.

Your pin descriptions should read like a normal sentence.


You should use about 3-5 hashtags made from the keywords. For example if you found "living room ideas" and you use that as a keyword, turn it into a #...#livingroomideas

To learn more about Pinterest hashtags, read my next post: Why you need to use hashtags to get more views on Pinterest and make your pin go viral!

For even more trending ideas and popular keywords, I recommend you visit two additional pages:

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