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Why you need to use hashtags on Pinterest if you want more views

Updated: Apr 25

Have you been using short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords on Pinterest? Are your views stagnating or dropping? Have you been using hashtags consistently? If not, hashtags could be your new best tool!

Hashtags # have been around on Pinterest for a while now and many people are using them correctly and attracting many more views and free blog traffic. It's all about adding the right hashtags and making the most of the hashtags and keyword description combination. Hashtags help the Pinterest algorithm categorize pins.

I've been experimenting with hashtags for a couple of months and noticed that using the # has helped some of my pins get much more activity.

How the hashtags work:

Hashtags group pins into categories, just like keywords. The hashtags will help Pinterest display the NEWEST pins first!

Since it's all about NEW content, don't bother adding hashtags to old pins. Just start using them now and for future pins.

When you search for a keyword, you will get different results than when you search for hashtags.


keyword search = most relevant content

hashtag search = fresh, new content

This is the reason why it's important to rank well with both keywords and hashtags if you want to improve your Pinterest game.

How many hashtags should I use in my pin description?

Pinterest doesn't recommend using more than 20 per pin. However, I don't think it's necessary to use so many if you can find good specific hashtags to use. I think somewhere between 2-5 works well.

I would recommend you start with a good description which mixes short-tail and long-tail keywords. Underneath your keyword-rich description, you should type the relevant hashtags.

* Adding trending hashtags can easily make your pin go viral. But, you have to make sure you are constantly doing research about keywords and hashtags.

When you search for a pin, you'll see that Pinterest will display only 4 of the hashtags used.] in your description unless you click the "show more" button.

How do I find good hashtags to use?

It takes some research, just like finding keywords. You want hashtags to be specific and relevant to your pin.

If you want to learn the basics of Pinterest keyword research, click here to read my brief explanatory blog post.

~ Do the good old keyword research trick - type in a keyword and see the results underneath the search bar. Those can be good hashtags. Then, do another search with the hashtag and you'll get even more results that can be quite different.

For example, if I search for "modern decor" as a keyword I'll get many results that I can turn into hashtags.

Now when I search for a hashtag #moderndecor, I WON'T get hashtag suggestions, only the most recent pins. You can look at the top results and see what hashtags those people are using for their pins and copy them.


Just use the keywords, both short and long-tail, and turn them into hashtags. For example "Pinterest tips" can become #pinteresttips

It's all about turning keywords into hashtags. Remember your target. Use long-tail keywords and hashtags if you want to have a good chance of getting your content into the top ranking pins. If you are a beginner and use short hashtags, you most likely won't get lots of traffic.

It's a little hit and miss, and it depends on the Pinterest algorithm, but adding # is definitely worth it!

There you go, you should now be convinced that it's easy and worth your time to add some # to your next pin.

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