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Self-Care Ideas for Relaxation + Printable Checklists

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Now is the time to start taking care of yourself. It's true, this has been the year of the self-care lifestyle. But, even though you strive to care about yourself more, it's easy to forget to do what you need to because life gets in the way.

I am a strong advocate for self-care, including taking care of your body, mental health, and doing things that give your pleasure. This can be anything from reading a new book to taking a long bath or going for a short walk with your dog. I don't believe in a rigid definition of 'self-care,' and I prefer listening to my own body. It usually tells me what it wants and needs.

So, I put together some fun free printables for several types of self-care days. You can check each activity off the list as soon as you do it.

You can do them over a span of several days, even weeks, or you can do them all on a lazy day. It's up to you, but please remember that self-care shouldn't FEEL LIKE A CHORE. It should induce a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and peace.

My favorite "self-care" isn't really fancy at all...I like to have a cup of hot coffee or tea and watch Youtube videos. It helps me break free from my work-at-home routine. As a blog writer, I have to write posts about the most random and often boring topics so I need frequent breaks to re-fresh my mind.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases. Thank you for supporting this blog.


The goal with this first checklist is to make you move your body. This calls for some light exercise, simple stretches, and moves that make you feel good. If you love exercising, you can always do a harder version of each exercise. For example, turn walking into running.

Download this printable below:

exercise self care
Download PDF • 70KB

I have lots of back and neck problems and I can't really walk far or do much exercise but simple stretching, some low impact yoga, and short walks make me feel better.

Here's what you might need for the activities mentioned above:

1. A yoga mat that's thick enough to be comfy.

2. A fitness bracelet or watch to count your steps.

3. A skipping rope for adults, made of durable materials.


The goal of this checklist is to get you to do something relaxing. Take care of your body & mind, plus have a bit of quiet "me-time".

Download the checklist below:

relaxation checklist
Download PDF • 2.27MB

Here's what you might need for the activities mentioned above:

  1. A family cookbook with wholesome and hearty meals by Joanna Gaines.

2. Face moisturizer for a relaxing skincare routine

3. A yummy cup of hot chocolate or some Arabica coffee.

4. Relaxation nature and flower coloring books for adults.

You can always choose your personal favorite hobbies and relaxing activities and create fun checklists for yourself over on Canva. I hope you enjoy my 2 printables and don't forget to practice slow living, because stress is only going to harm you.

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