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20 Easy Ways To Help You Relax Before Bed

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

In the era of self-care, we are trying to appreciate ourselves more, to care for our bodies, and to do what's best for our physical and mental health. Realistically though, it can get hard to practice self-care during our busy workdays. One way to incorporate a few aspects of self-care is to practice some relaxing activities at night before we go to sleep. I've compiled a list of 20 easy ways to relax after a long day. #self-care #selfcare #relaxation #relax

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1. Have a cup of tea

Yes, this is a common one, but a cup of chamomile or lavender tea will calm you down and make you feel cozy. My personal favorites are yogi tea and tulsi tea (holy basil).

This caramel-flavored bedtime tea taste amazing!

Here is the best Tulsi tea to try:

2. Have a hot bath or shower

A shower or bath can help relieve any soreness and tension in your body, which makes you feel more relaxed and more comfortable. Try to use a shower gel or bath bomb that has a scent you love.

3. Burn incense or light a candle

There are some good aromatherapy candles that provide a calming scent. Amazon has some affordable aromatherapy candles that you can use to unwind after a long day.

4. Read at least 20 pages of a good book

Using your handheld devices like a phone or tablet can actually prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. Instead, try reading from a good book. Reading always helps me reset and forget about things that are stressing me out.

Here are the 2 books that I'm currently reading:

This is a book about manifesting what you want in life with the power of your thoughts. Although I am skeptical, I really enjoy this book because it makes me reflect and I try to apply as many of the 'secrets' as I can. It's definitely helping me figure out what I really want in life.'s to hoping I get it :))

This book is about living your life without worrying and caring about what other people say and do. I find this one to be a light and easy read. It's kind of like an anti-motivational speech type book but it's fun and worth a read.

5. Meditate or sit in complete silence and think about your goals

Clearing your mind pre-sleep will help you avoid those pestering thoughts that keep popping into your mind as you struggle to fall asleep. Don't forget to just think about something productive and focus on that.

6. Do some yoga or breathing exercises

There are many breathing exercises on Youtube you can do. Yoga helps all your muscles relax but it also keeps your mind clutter-free and healthy. A healthy mindset works miracles on overall wellbeing.

7. Listen to relaxing music

If you like classical music, Mozart always helps - there are playlists on Youtube with 3 or 4 hours of nonstop classical music. If you don't like classical music, try ambient playlists or ASMR.

8. Write down your thoughts or try journalling in a cute notebook

Writing can be therapeutic, especially if it becomes a routine. Use a cute notebook and some nice pens to make it feel like an 'experience'.


Watch one episode of your favorite show but make sure you limit yourself to one or else you’ll get into binging mode, which won't make you feel ready for sleep.

10. Watch & listen to relaxation and ASMR videos on Youtube

11. Try coloring books, sudoku, or crosswords

There are some great coloring books for adults that come in sets on Amazon

I've recently fallen in love with paint-by-numbers. I actually forgot how much fun that used to be as a child.

I like to buy the bigger canvases with more colors because the end result is prettier and I can even display my coloring. I recently purchased a beautiful ballerina paint-by-numbers set and I am still working on it as of now.

12. Massage your face with your hands or use a jade roller, it will make your skin feel great

Jade rollers help de-puff your face and improve circulation, which makes your skin look better. Jade rollers are an important part of many Asian skincare routines.


If you use skincare, pamper yourself with masks, serums and face creams - here are some of my suggestions:

Korean Face Masks Vitamin C Serum Probiotic Cream

14. If you have pets just sit with them and play with them or pet them

15. Look at photographs from a time in your life when you were really happy

16. Listen to an interesting podcast as you fall asleep

There are tons of good podcasts on all topics but choose a light topic that won't stress you out. Listen to something motivational or an interesting self-development topic.

17. Look out the window and stare at the sky

Look at the stars, the sky, the moon, or whatever it is you can see, even if it’s a boring view, just stare for a few minutes and think.

18. Go for a car ride at night if you can’t sleep

19. Sing out loud to your favorite song

Singing releases endorphins and improves your mood.

20. Sort out your outfit for the next day and put together several potential outfits

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