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How To Stop Struggling With Ideas: A Simple Guide To Finding Blog Post Ideas

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

* This blog post may contain affiliate links*

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the 5 websites you must browse if you want to get ideas and inspiration for your next blog post. Researching good blog post topics doesn't need to be difficult and time consuming. It's important to have good keywords to make your post SEO friendly, but I'll show you that it's pretty easy.

Here are my 5 recommendation for sites to visit and get inspired:

Mix is a curation website which curates and brings together content such as articles and blog posts from all over the internet, in all niches. Mix was created by the owner of StumbleUpon, a site that closed. Similarly to that site, Mix will suggest articles and content based on your interests and preferences. It's easy to choose your niche and upload your own content from your blog or website. This content will then be shown and recommended to other users interested in your niche or topic. It's a great way to get free traffic but also to see what others are writing about. Do a search in your niche and see what comes up. You can then write similar content for your own blog.

Quora is a question and answer website. User ask question and other users will provide answers. The reason you should check out Quora is because by doing some searches in your niche, you will find what kind of information your target audience is looking for. You can get lots of traffic if you are able to answer those questions on your blog. You can get ideas for your next blog post by looking at the questions and coming up with great answers, in the form of blog posts. If you write the blog post, you can directly link it in your answer on Quora and chances are readers will click the link to see your "answer".

Google Trends is a search tool which can help you figure out what's trending all over the world. The thing about google trends though is that you need to have keywords to search. Once you search your keywords and set the geographical location you want to search, you will see the top searches related to that keyword. That's how you get some ideas, look at what people are searching for and provide content related to that. Staying on top of trends can help you get more traffic because it means people will actually be searching for your topic.

This one is my favorite: Pinterest. It's basically one huge visual search engine. It shows you popular pins. You want to check out their trending section to see what topics are popular at the moment. Pick one of the trends and write about it. Add visually appealing images and some relevant keywords and post to Pinterest. It's my #1 source of organic blog traffic. I've written a post about how to research keywords on Pinterest. By just typing in your keyword, topic or niche, you'll find other relevant content which can be the inspiration for you next blog post. You can also get ideas for affiliate marketing products from Pinterest because you can promote products that are already trending.


There are quite a few PLR websites out there. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Basically, it's content that you can use to post to your blog for free without giving credit to the author. Websites like KillerPLRArticles offer thousands of articles you can download for free if you create a free account. There are so many articles in every niche, so all you have to do is search for your topic and see what comes up. You can modify the content, re-write it, or post it as is, although I would NOT recommend doing that because you can find yourself in a duplicate content problem. However, you can get some ideas from PLR content, even just re-write some of the free articles and post them to your blog.

I hope you find these ideas helpful. Blogging can be hard sometimes because it takes time and effort to create fresh content on a weekly or even daily basis.

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