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The Best Part About October: Halloween, Fall Weather, & More!

I tend to get a bit emotional during the fall season - perhaps it's because the warm weather disappears and days get short and gloomy. But I still love October - it's my favorite month after May!

There are many things to love about October - the autumn weather, Halloween, and Thanksgiving being among the top!

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at each of these things and why they make October such a special month.

We'll also share some fun facts about October that you may not have known! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this trip through all things autumn!

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What's so special about October?

Even if you're sad about winter approaching, there are many reasons to cherish the fall season.

Autumn foliage

For starters, it's the month when autumn really starts to show its colors! The leaves on the trees change color, the air gets a little bit cooler, and everything just feels a bit more cozy.

The fall leaves are absolutely beautiful, so it's the best time to take out your camera or smartphone and start snapping away! Just be sure to watch out for those autumn breezes - they can blow your leaves away before you know it!

John Burroughs once said: "In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom."

I love this quote because fall foliage is one of the things that I enjoy most about autumn. There's something about the colors of autumn leaves that just makes me feel happy!


October is also the month of Halloween! This holiday is all about dressing up in costumes, going trick-or-treating, and spooky stuff!

Halloween is a time to get inspired by your favorite characters, whether they're from movies, TV shows, books, or video games. It's also a great excuse to eat lots of candy!

There's something special about searching for the perfect costume, the parties, and enjoying the season with kids.

Even if you're not a fan of horror movies, there's still plenty to enjoy about Halloween!

Haunted houses and tours

If you're looking for a good scare, October is the perfect month to visit a haunted house! These attractions are usually open during the autumn season, and they're a great way to get your heart racing.

There are also many haunted tours that you can go on during October. These are usually walking tours that take you to haunted locations around your city or town.

Some people even enjoy visiting graveyards during the Halloween season since it's such a spooky time of year!

All things pumpkin

Pumpkins are everywhere in October! You can find them being used as decorations, turned into jack-o-lanterns, or made into pies.

Pumpkins are a symbol of autumn, and they taste great in all sorts of recipes - from sweet to savory.

Then let's not forget about the famous pumpkin spice lattes, which are only available for a limited time each year!

If you love pumpkins as much as I do, then October is the perfect month for you!

Don't forget about pumpkin and fall scented candles too - they make your home smell amazing!

Fall weather

There's something about autumn weather that I just love. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of cooler temperatures, or maybe it's because I love the smell of autumn in the air.

Either way, fall weather is one the best if you like to walk around outdoors without burning up in the sun.

The autumn breeze is the perfect temperature for walking around in a sweater or jacket, and it's also great for cuddling up with a blanket and a good book!

If you live in a place with autumn weather, then you know how lucky you are! Be sure to walk to the nearest park and enjoy the autumn leaves before they're all gone!

Warm drinks

Sometimes it's still too warm outside to enjoy all the hot drinks in September.

But October is the perfect season for warm drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cider. These drinks are so cozy and make autumn weather even better!

What's your favorite autumn drink? Let me know in the comments below.


So there you have it - some of the best reasons to get excited about October. From autumn weather to Halloween fun, there's something for everyone to enjoy this month!


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I love an eggnog latte. I think it is one of my fave warm drinks!

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