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5 Ways to bring coziness into your home

I'm a true homebody and I love spending my time at home. So, it's only natural that I'm always looking for ways to make my home feel cozy.

If your home is cozy and welcoming, it will make you feel better. When you spend a lot of time at home and especially if you work from home, you start to realize things that just aren't comfortable or practical.

This can be anything from an uncomfortable sofa to blankets that are just too itchy. You can easily change things up, even on a budget, to add some extra bits of comfort to your home.

I've previously written about how to make your home more hygge but this post is more about the kinds of items you can bring into the home to make it an oasis of comfort.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links* As part of the Amazon Associates program I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.


Even if you have beautiful hardwood floors, a soft and fluffly area rug in your living room or bedroom can make walking around the house much more comfortable.

Not only will the rug warm up your space, but it can also add a nice decorative touch.

It's a thick rug and comes in many sizes. You can also choose between a square or round shape. What I like about this kind of rug is that you can bring it out for fall and winter and store it for the rest of the year. It's incredibly soft and you can keep it under your feet when you work, relax, or entertain guests.


I know, candles for autum and winter isn't a new idea but burning some scented or non-scented candles makes your home feel cozier because candlelight adds hints of warmth.

The best thing about scented candles is that you can always change them up depending on the mood or occasion.

If you don't like scented candles or they cause allergies, there are some great scent-free alternatives that just add that cozy dim lighting.

I like to use small votive candles around the house, especially when it's dark and gloomy outside.


If you're still wondering how can I make my home more cozy? Well, it's all about scent. If the home smells like your favorite scent it can instantly transform your mood.

During the autumn and winter you can choose reed diffusers with the aromas of pumpkin, cinnamon, spruce, and during summer, you can use fresh linen, or lovely floral scents.

I love using reed diffusers in my living room and office space because every now and then I get a whiff of this rich wood sage.


Simply changing the color of one or two walls can transform your home. Pick the wall that you look at most often and give it a coat of a nice warm paint color.

If you're looking for that cosy atmosphere, warm colors are the best. Something like and eggshell, or caramel is fitting.

5. Japanese floor bed (futon)

Last but not least is my favorite way to make your home cozy and that's by getting a Japanese futon, also known as a floor bed or tatami mat.

The Japanese futon is a thick floor mattress that is used as a bed or sitting area and it offers maximum comfort. You can add large reading pillows, a warm blanket, and watch tv, read, and have a snack.

Did you know that futons are healthier to sit on than sofas and beds?

But, the point here is comfort and if you want to lie down on a puffy mattress that you can store away conveniently when needed, then a Japanese futon is a must-have!

I hope you get inspired to make your home more comfortable for your day to day needs!

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