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Reasons to get excited about the fall aesthetic

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Autumn is my second favorite season after spring. It's beautiful, and as the temperatures drop, we escape the torrid heat and humidity.

I used to love summer so much, but as I get older, I just can't deal with the heat anymore, so I always eagerly await the fall season when breathing becomes more comfortable, and I can spend more time outdoors without getting bitten by all the mosquitoes and bugs.

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One of my favorite parts about autumn is the while 'cozy vibes' autumn aesthetic that takes over Pinterest every year. It's all about pumpkins, fall leaves, cute autumn boots and hats, and of course, the pumpkin spice lattes.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention the fall-scented candles. Those always smell like apple pie, cinnamon, and pumpkins.

Even if you don't like fall that much, there are still reasons to get excited about it.

Beautiful colors of the leaves

This is the main reason I love autumn so much. Everywhere you look, you see shades of yellow, orange, and red. These views are simply breathtaking.

There's nothing like taking a long car ride when the leaves are colorful. I prefer heading to forested areas and then taking lots of autumn photos for my social media accounts and the blog.

Taking autumn landscape photos

Taking photos in the summer can be a bit hard because you get all sweaty, and then usually all tourist areas are full of people, so it's hard to take great landscape photos.

But, according to photographers, autumn is the best season for landscape photography.

The main reason is the colors. How can you not be impressed by bold foliage?

If you want to practice your photography skills, take a walk through the woods, for example. Autumn is also the perfect time to take pictures of mushrooms, flowers, and gorgeous maple trees.

Forests are by far the most beautiful subject to shoot during the fall season due to the splendid colors that the foliage can take on. Larches, maples, oaks, beeches, and birches are some of the most beautiful trees to photograph. Make sure you visit a forest that has these trees. And, don't forget about acorns and pinecones too.

Stepping on crunchy leaves on a chilly morning

Just picture this: you're walking out of the house to grab a coffee, and you step on beautiful crunchy leaves. That feeling is amazing paired with the scent of the fallen autumn foliage. October is one of the best months for walking around in the leaves.

I imagine myself wrapped up in my cozy scarf with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, strolling through the local park with my dogs. Dogs love to run around in the leaves, and sometimes I think they appreciate the seasonal wonders more than us humans do most of the time.

Exciting events

There are so many things to look forward to, including Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas, as well as New Year's Eve.

Some people start Christmas shopping and planning early, and it's fun to sit down at your computer and shop online on colder dark autumn nights. And on weekends, there's always some excitement about shopping in-store for cool gifts.

I don't get dressed up for Halloween, but I love the aesthetic of it. Carved pumpkins, candy, and dark decorations are so much fun to make and put up around the house.

I like to get some fall wreaths, pumpkin string lights, and cute orange candles to put up around the house.

Cozy nights at home

Autumn is a time to relax and enjoy your home. People spend more time at home with their families, which is why it's so important to enjoy the good things in life. Something simple like a cup of hot green tea or a hot chocolate with mini marshmallows can really help you relax and unwind after a busy summer season.

You can have dark, cozy nights wrapped in blankets with candles and blankets. It's easy to sit inside and watch the rainfall, the wind howl, but it is a self-indulgent feeling. Even reading a novel by the fireplace or in the comfort of your warm sheets is a great fall activity.

Autumn fashion: layers

Autumn fashion is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and comfortable because it's all about layering. I love to layer and create outfits every morning. In the summer, it's too hot to wear my favorite pieces, but autumn is my go-to season for fun pieces in my wardrobe.

It is so beautiful to see autumn fashion match the earthy tones and vibrant colors.

I bring out my faux-leather biker jacket every September, and it stays with me that month until it gets cold. It's the kind of piece that goes with many casual outfits, especially short ankle boots and mom jeans.

Warm socks, stylish boots, layers, and cozy knitwear are all things I love. A good scarf is a must-have. Scarves can be used as face covers this year, which is very handy. A cozy hat is a great option for a bad hair day.

Fashion trends are also important if you like to follow these things. If you don't, it's okay; just opt for comfort. My favorite part of fall fashion is the cozy knits and tights, knee-high boots, coats, and long maxi dresses in darker colors.

Seasonal films

Classic movies like Hocus Pocus, Twilight, Harry Potter, Beetlejuice, and Halloweentown are all must-see movies this time of year. If you love scary movies and horror, then it's your season to enjoy them most. But, if you want lighthearted fun, then there are plenty of comedies, kids' films, and romantic dramas that are sure to put you in the autumn mood.

Streaming platforms also tend to release great new tv shows and movies in autumn. Check Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and others for new seasonal content. So, bring out your comfiest flannel PJs and get comfy in your bed or on the couch. It's time to relax and take some time out for a well-deserved break.

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