30 Things To Do This Autumn
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30 Things To Do This Autumn

The end of summer is a stressful period for many people who feel depressed that summer vacations are over and the weather is cooling down. But, autumn is actually a fun season if you know how to make the most of it. I'm actually excited about the chilly weather and the changing of the leaves.

By enjoying the little things the season has to offer, you can get over any autumn blues and actually enjoy this wonderful season. I've compiled a list of 30 things to do this fall that'll help you feel better.

  1. Walk around in nature and watch the colors of the leaves as they change

  2. Drink hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, or tea

  3. Take photos with pumpkins, leaves, nature, animals

  4. Read a good book on a rainy day

  5. Buy some nice autumn clothes, including cozy jumpers and cute boots

  6. Participate in Halloween festivities, get dressed up in a costume, go to a party

  7. Light candles, think of those Bath & Bodyworks autumn candles with pumpkin scents

  8. Go visit a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, or go apple picking

  9. Bake autumn treats like pumpkin bread and apple pie

  10. Go "foraging" and collect pinecones, acorns, leaves

  11. Make smores

  12. Carve a pumpkin

  13. Put up some autumn decorations like wreaths or fairy lights and add small gourds around the house

  14. Send Thanksgiving cards to loved ones

  15. Take a bike ride

  16. Observe the birds as they migrate or watch animals gather food for winter

  17. Have an outdoor dinner and enjoy hot apple cider

  18. Buy a cozy blanket and fuzzy socks

  19. Try to make at least one autumn craft

  20. Create fall floral arrangements for your home, Chrysanthemums are popular fall flowers

  21. Watch scary movies

  22. Try knitting something or learn to cross-stitch

  23. Visit a harvest festival or other autumn festivals

  24. Play in the leaves

  25. Play some outdoor sports or do your workout in a park with pretty fall foliage

  26. Go hiking or camping

  27. Visit your local farmer's market and buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

  28. Listen to classical music

  29. Go on a drive to see the leaves or take a scenic train ride

  30. Write or journal and write down why you are thankful this season

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