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Learn To Rewrite PLR Content Into Amazing Blog Posts

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate ads. As part of the Amazon Affiliate program, I make a commission on qualifying purchases.

Consider this a blog post writing hack. Writing blog posts is fun and I always write my own posts based on my own ideas, but I know that there are busy people who want to re-write content and make it fresh and exciting!

Looking to learn how to create great blog posts by rewriting PLR content?

Let’s face it, coming up with original blog post ideas can be challenging, especially if you’re hit with a bout of writer’s block. But, there’s no need to worry because you can easily rewrite PLR content to create high-quality blog posts.

What is PLR?

PLR, also knows as private label rights is non-exclusive content that is free-to-use. Most PLR is content that gives you the right to modify, edit or use that content as you see fit. You can find free PLR articles on many different websites all over the internet. If you want lots of content to choose from, consider purchasing PLR bundles. Search for your niche and choose a PLR article that is long enough to pick and choose from.

Consider these questions:

Is there anything of value in the article?

Can I offer information to my readers?

Can I rewrite this article to make it better?

Do I understand the main points of the article?

Rewrite and Repurpose

A lot of PLR articles are mediocre or low quality, but hey, it’s free content and you can use it to create something much better. Honestly, all PLR should be rewritten to improve its quality and readability. Usually, free PLR uses very simple language or contains many errors which will leave a poor impression of your blog if you don't rewrite it and change it.

A simple rewrite can make a world of difference! You can even use PLR as inspiration to write your own content. It’s not very difficult to upgrade a PLR article into a fabulous blog post. Just follow these simple steps and turn dull content into content your readers will love!

Rewrite and Optimize the Title

Look at the PLR title – choose whether you are going to just use a different title altogether or rewrite the title to include keywords and make it SEO friendly. Consider using power and action words – these words turn boring titles into great titles by giving them a sense of urgency which will make people want to click on your post.

Here are some sample power words that will inspire readers to want to click on your title:








To make a title catchy, it should offer the reader a benefit or solution to a problem. Another way to improve a title is to turn it into a question. For example, ask a question that your readers will be wanting an answer for, then answer the question in the blog post. Remember, titles should be catchy and interesting and most of the time, keeping it simple and informative is the best way to attract readers.

Rewrite Each Paragraph

Rewriting someone else’s writing means that you need to think of new vocabulary, change the sentence structure, and improve the post to avoid plagiarism or having a blog post very similar to others. Some lazy bloggers will simply copy and paste a PLR article without realizing that it won’t help their blog or SEO at all – you don’t want multiple copies of the same blog post on Google – it most likely won’t show up in searches.

Start with the first paragraph of the PLR and try to reword the sentences. Make sure you are using at least 5 different vocabulary words – try an online thesaurus that will help you find new words. Take your time and rewrite all the paragraphs and try to arrange them in a way that is attractive to readers. Also, pay attention to unnecessary filler words that make your writing look amateurish. Stick to a conversational writing style but make sure to add the necessary keywords and niche related jargon that will fit in with your blog.

Make Improvements

Making improvements doesn't have to be hard work but it's absolutely necessary!

Add images between paragraphs to make your blog post visually interesting. There are many free websites like Pixabay or Pexels where you can find royalty-free photos to use for your blog. Check out my list of websites that offer royalty-free images you can use for your blog.

Add an introduction and conclusion. Even if the PLR article has an intro and conclusion, write your own - in your voice. Readers of your blog will appreciate reading a post that is your style and shows your writing voice. Since you are rewriting the main bulk of the content, it's a good idea to add a touch of your personality to the writing.

Optional: if you want to make a blog post look more informative, try writing it in a list style, known as a listicle.

Edit Before Publishing

Before you hit the publish button, make sure to edit your blog post. It's so unprofessional to post content that is full of spelling errors or major grammar mistakes. Software like Grammarly is free to use and checks your spelling and grammar. It’s super easy to use and the free version is enough to improve your writing for blogging purposes.

Before you start rewriting, consider some of these tips and think about the ways to improve free PLR content to suit your blogging style. Think of PLR as the foundation - rewrite it, improve it, and dissect it to create informative and well-written content.

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