How To Keep Your Calm Amidst Uncertainty
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How To Keep Your Calm Amidst Uncertainty

Updated: May 3

Uncertainty can be terrifying, it makes your anxiety go up to 100%. If you're like me, you crave calmness, certainty, routine...

There are all these what-if scenarios running through our heads...fear of catching the disease, fear of our loved ones getting ill. There's also that feeling that you'll lose income, you need to stockpile and you're stuck indoors all day.

With the Coronavirus pandemic lurking at every corner and filling up all news media outlets and most of social media, it can be hard to click off and shut it down. And in reality, you shouldn't, because it's a very serious matter.

If you want to help yourself and your family remain calm and keep your mental health in good condition, you need to do some things to keep yourself busy and to keep your mind away from panic mode. The best advice for staying calm is to watch less news and do something interactive or immersive that takes your mind off problems.

Distraction can be a positive thing, especially now, so don't be afraid to stay distracted...

Here are some ideas in list form of things to help you keep your cool & your mind busy with other things to help get you through isolation and social distancing practices.

  1. Rain ASMR - (

  2. Listen to relaxing Jazz - (

  3. 5-minute meditation - (

  4. 10-minute workout (easy) - (

  5. Take some online courses on

  6. Take a virtual tour of the British Museum - (

  7. Check out the Musee D'Orsay in Paris with famous artwork - (

  8. Start writing something - Get writing prompts here (

  9. Cook simple and easy recipes with few ingredients - (

Try these easy 5 ingredient recipes. I honestly love making quick meals that don't require more than 5 ingredients. I've been a fan of Jamie Oliver's recipes for years. (affiliate link)

10. Play board games or put together a 1000+ piece puzzle - (

OK, these are just a few options and you'll find plenty more online but try to remember that this will eventually pass and we will be okay!

So say goodbye to quarantine boredom!


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