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How To Design Print on Demand Products With No Design Skills

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

If you're looking for a way to make passive income, you can try your luck with print-on-demand sites.

You've probably heard people raving about CANVA.COM, and if not, you're seriously missing out because you can make any type of image or graphic for free. There is a paid subscription available but you don't need to commit if you don't want to because the free version is pretty awesome!

But, in this brief blog post, I'll show you that you can make images, even Pinterest Pins with no design skills.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, as a Member of the Amazon Affiliates Program I earn commission on qualifying purchases.

pinterest pin

Designing and selling your own print on demand products can be a lot of fun and also quite profitable. You don't need special design skills to be able to sell your own POD products. Of course, you're at an advantage if you have great design skills or Photoshop and other editing skills.

You can simply upload your own photos, drawings, artwork and sell them on the products you choose. Make sure your photos are at a decent resolution (high resolution is recommended) because you don't want blurry products.

Tip: Your images should have a minimum resolution of 300px.

If you have no photos you want to use, go ahead and find free royalty-free images you are allowed to use. Go ahead and create your own designs by modifying and creating graphics from public domain graphics websites.


Public Domain Images, Photos, Vectors, and Graphics

These 3 sites are easy to navigate but check out my list of 10 Royalty Free Image Websites for more options.

I like to browse these free photo sites, then choose photos I like and I start putting them on products on Zazzle, Redbubble, and Teepsring. Of course, there are many more sites you can try, and each one has certain advantages and disadvantages.

I also take a lot of photos on my phone and resize them to make them fit onto products.

Once you have your graphics, there are 2 easy to use programs for editing.

1. - sign up for a free account

2. - a free image editing website

Once you have your design, select the print-on-demand website of your choice.

My recommendation is Zazzle because it's easy to use.

If you're wondering what I sell most of, let me tell you: POSTCARDS & GREETING CARDS.


1. Create a custom dimension canvas to make your design on

For high-quality design, use 4000 x 4000 px or the maximum Canva allows.


1. For this tutorial, we'll make a postcard. I am using my own photo of a flower. I am going to use a Canva template first, so you can see how easy it is!

Select the postcard and start designing.


Select a template you like and modify it. I am using my own photo but some of their fonts.


4. Change the font to make the design more interesting.

5. Change the colors and play around with the elements to make the design look better.

I decided to delete the rectangular element and just leave the font.

6. Download the image as PNG.

And you're done. Of course, you want to add more elements and make it look good but I just made a basic sample postcard in order to show you how easy it is.

My tip: use a custom dimension and drag in your own photo or royalty-free images, choose a text, and add some elements. These templates are great but I find it easier to work with a blank canvas.

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