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How to make money on Zazzle

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Zazzle tips for beginners

I think you've heard a lot of people yap on and on about print on demand websites such as Redbubble, Zazzle, TeeSpring, Society6, and so on...but have you actually tried to sell on these platforms? Do you find it frustrating? Time-consuming? As far as print-on-demand websites go, it can be frustrating to make sales. Well, it honestly is...but, if you learn to make the most of these websites, you can earn some extra passive income on the side pretty easily.

Which of these sites have you tried? Have you heard of ZAZZLE? is the website YOU can succeed with if you dedicate enough time and effort into making it work for you.

The best part of selling artwork on Zazzle is that you don't need to be an artist or amazingly skilled with graphic design to start making sales. You can sell your photos, public domain images that you modify and edit, or your great artwork! Zazzle has many products that you can create and post for sale. I'm having a great time creating and promoting products each day.

I like to sell my photos on postcards and greeting cards, here's my bestselling product: a lotus water lily flower greeting card created from a photo I took a few years ago.

Here's my White Lotus Blank Card, suitable for any occasion.

If you want to learn how to make the most of Zazzle, keep scrolling and reading.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income these days. Zazzle has an associate program where you can market other peoples' products and earn a royalty/commission. The best way to market Zazzle products is directly on your blog or on Pinterest! Here's how to get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit the associate page: and enable the associate feature.

2. Choose products you want to market to your followers. You can focus on a specific niche or just pick a bunch of products you think will sell well. Always do your keyword and trends research to stay up to date.

3. Create Pinterest boards for the products you will market. Create as many boards as possible.

4. Start pinning Zazzle products but make sure your referral ID is part of the link! Here's how you should pin to Pinterest:

Log in to your Zazzle account, then go to the product page you want to promote on Pinterest.

Below the image of the product, use the red PIN button which is selected in this screenshot. By using that specific PIN button, you'll be posting your pin with YOUR affiliate ID included!

Post as many pins as possible and you'll start seeing clicks and referrals in no time.


This is the fun part....creating your own products with the Zazzle create tool using your own photos, artwork, or modified public domain photos. Here are some tips to take into consideration when creating your store.

  • Create as many products as you can. Successful Zazzle stores have at least 500+ items for sale.

  • Create a wide variety of products for each design.

  • Look at what's popular and selling well in each Zazzle category. You can easily find this information by going to each category page, like the clocks page for example

  • Once you make a sale, keep creating other objects with the same design.

  • Look at your designs and products and use the "transfer design to a product" feature which is located under your product.

If you are feeling uninspired, do what many successful Zazzle sellers are doing: selling modified and edited designs of public domain photos.


Let me remind you how important good product names are! Descriptive titles are going to get you more clicks and sales. Let's pretend you are creating a pink peony flower tote bag. Don't name your product: flower tote bag... that's not going to let people find your product easily.

BE DESCRIPTIVE! Title your tote bag: Pink Peony Floral Tote Bag or Girly Peony Flower Pink Tote Bag - the more keywords in your title, the better!

Keep the description part of the product informative and add many keywords. Describe exactly what your design is like.

You must do proper keyword research to be competitive and stay on top of trends. Be mindful of upcoming seasons and holidays.

Zazzle allows you to add 10 keywords for each product and try to use all 10 to make sure your products are getting seen by shoppers.


The great part about Zazzle is that they let you set your own royalty rates and make changes that go into effect once a month. While it may be tempting to set very high royalty rates like 15%, keep in mind that people are always looking for a fair and good price. Stick to a royalty rate that satisfies you but can also compete with your competition. Zazzle is a highly competitive marketplace so it's essential that you remain competitive offering good value for the price.

Zazzle automatically displays the royalty calculator when you create a product so you'll instantly see how much royalty you'll be making on regular price sales. Remember that royalty rates are subject to change depending on the currency and if the items are on sale, you'll make less.

I hope you find this blog post helpful and feel free to share your own tips and tricks.


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