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Why you should still use Pinterest to drive free traffic to your blog in 2020.

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I make commissions on purchases. This blog post contains affiliate links.


Pinterest is still a huge platform, despite what the naysayers are suggesting. It has on average, 250+ million users per month - that’s a lot of traffic and lots of users! As a blogger, affiliate marketer, or influencer, it’s recommended that you create a free Pinterest business account.

Pinterest is basically one big search engine which provides visual results. The “visuality” of the platform is advantageous to businesses and bloggers who are trying to appeal to customers. Think about the fact that a potential customer sees your product directly. If you are an affiliate marketer, trying to sell fitness related merch, you can directly post a linked image of your fitness leggings. If the product stands out, it can send customers directly to your shop.

It's been proven that Pinterest converts browsers into customers.

If you want to make affiliate income from your blog, Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.


If you are a blogger, you can create visually attractive Pins that link back to your blog post or website. Most Pinterest users will agree that Pinterest is STILL a great source for free organic traffic. The best part of Pinterest is that even old pins can suddenly take off and generate many views, repins, and clicks. To create great PINS, you can use Canva for free!

The key to having a successful Pinterest account is to create great visual pins. This means focusing on image-heavy pins with good links to valuable content.

Creating many boards with many pins is very important. All boards and all pins should be SEO friendly and full of the best keywords. Spending time researching trends, popular pins, topics, and keywords is a necessary step towards creating great content. I have written a brief explanatory blog post about researching important keywords using the Pinterest search bar.

Also, think about the types of images or graphics you want to use for your pins. There are many free professional-looking stock photo websites where you can download, modify, and use beautiful pin cover images. I have posted an updated list of 10 Great Websites for Royalty-Free Stock Photos.


Pinterest allows you to use hashtags to drive traffic to your pins - take advantage of that! Try to use no more than 4 to 5 well-chosen hashtags. Use them in the pin description alongside short and long-tailed keywords to make sure people find your pin. With great SEO and keywords, your pin can show up in the top search results and drive TONS of traffic to your blog or product.

Hence, the thing to take away is that by using Pinterest in a smart way, you can maximize repins and clicks to drive tons of organic traffic to your page easily. Pinterest is still a popular visual platform and is worth experimenting with!


Video pins are getting way more views and clicks now! In my experience, my video pins do very well. Some people are saying that video pins do better than classic pins. Pinterest prefers shorter videos, but you can make videos that are anywhere from 4 seconds to 15 minutes long! Pinterest users are more likely to click on a video pin because it's eye-catching.

The key to getting your video pins noticed is to use a colorful and interesting cover image. If you want to sell products and make affiliate income, then use images of the products and some bold text with a cool font.

My advice is to use the video pins to your advantage. You can easily animate existing pins in CANVA to create short 5 second videos. It doesn't actually have to be a REAL video, it can be a loop of images.

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Nov 05, 2020

This is so helpful! I keep trying to get myself up & running on Pinterest.


Nov 03, 2020

Hi @tmharris327 thanks for reading my post. I recommend you start creating some free pins in Canva for all your blog posts then use the animate feature to create some video pins as well. Those seem to be doing very well.


Nov 03, 2020

Hi @georgespainwarner I definitely think Pinterest could help get more visitors to your website. I would create some pins in Canva that link to your posts. It can get you more views and engaged visitors! Thanks for visiting my site.


Nov 03, 2020

Hi there! Really enjoyed reading this post, however i've got a question. Do you think pinterest is worth it for the blogging niche eco & sustainability? Here's my blog:, would love your thoughts on whether it's worth it for our content!


Nov 02, 2020

As a new blogger and new to Pinterest, I appreciate all the information I can get. So Thank you for posting~

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