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Why I can't KonMari my house

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I might be a hoarder...I keep a lot of things that I don't need. I tend to accumulate new things but most of the stuff in my house is old stuff. Stuff that is decades old actually! I live in my grandparents' home, a home they lived in their whole lives, a home that my great-grandparents built and lived in. It's still full of their things, the objects they collected. Art, kitschy statuettes, clothes, musical instruments, and of course many, many books. How can I get rid of all that if I have a sentimental attachment to those objects in my house? I feel like those objects are full of sentimental value for me. Most of them "spark joy", perhaps not quite in the Marie Kondo sense of things, but they still remind me of the people who are no longer with me and seeing them, touching them, gives me a sense of melancholic joy...l open up an old book and think about the way things were a long time ago. My relationship to objects is an odd one because I have a hard time letting go. I would describe my decor style as "maximalist". I could never own just one ridiculous as that sounds. I love my yellow glass vase, but I also love my wooden one and my red handmade glass one. After all, you can't have too many flowers in the house.

I think the KonMari method is a great strategy for achieving a minimalist lifestyle and keeping your home clean and clutter-free. I just feel like I can't connect with this method just yet...I admire those who are inspired by her book and show and are donating their extra stuff to charity. I will try to use some of Marie Kondo's organization tricks and her folding/storage techniques for my clothes because let's be closet is about to explode and it needs a good old declutter.

I guess the thing to take away from the whole KonMari craze sweeping the planet is to do what feels right, to clean, to organize, to donate and the keep the things that mean something to you. Perhaps the cleaning up journal can help in tidying up the big stuff without letting go of valuables.

I wish my closet was organized like this
Dream closet

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