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What kind of gifts do introverts like? A simple yet practical introvert gift guide!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

People are always asking me "Well, what do introverts like to receive as gifts?" or "What gift should I buy an introvert?"

The truth is there is no simple answer: what makes a great gift for an introvert depends on the individual.

Generally, introverts like gifts that are thoughtful and show that you have put thought into it. Ideas include experiences (such as tickets to a concert or show, or a gift card for their favorite restaurant), books and magazines, art supplies, personal care items, thoughtful notes or letters, and the occasional tech gadget.

But on the whole, introverts tend to prefer products that are practical, functional and purposeful.

These include items such as noise-cancelling headphones or other devices that help them to block out distractions; comfortable clothing that allows them the freedom to move around without feeling too exposed; books, magazines and journals for introspective activities; art supplies for creative expression or even home decor items that reflect their personal style.

Disclaimer: this blog post contains affiliate links. As a member of the Amazon Affiliates Program, I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases.

Gifts for introverts: a guide

Some research suggests that introverts may have different preferences when it comes to certain types of products or shopping experiences.

Here is a list of introvert gift ideas:

Gift cards

An Amazon, iTunes or other store gift card is a great gift for an introvert. It allows them to buy whatever they want without forcing you to guess what they might like.

I like to get Amazon gift cards which let me pick from a variety of items.


Introverts often enjoy spending time alone with their thoughts, and reading can be a great way to do that. Many introverts also have a strong love of learning and may be drawn to books that help them expand their knowledge.

Some book ideas include: fiction books, non-fiction books, biographies, autobiographies, self-help books and more!

I personally like to cook so maybe a cookbook gift is a good idea too. My new favorite is Half Baked Harvest.

An actual Kindle is also a good idea for those who don't want to carry around physical copies of books.

A Kindle gift card or subscription to an online library can also be a great gift. Additionally, you can get an Audible subscription or membership that makes it easy to listen to books on the go. These days, audio books are becoming increasingly popular!


Since introverts tend to prefer quiet, solitary environments, noise-cancelling headphones or noise cancelling earbuds can be a useful tool for blocking out external stimuli and creating a sense of calm.

My favorite type of headphones are Bose noise-cancelling headphones. They are surprisingly comfortable and block out a lot of outside distractions.

Comfortable clothing

Introverts may prioritize comfort over fashion when it comes to their clothing choices. Loose-fitting, soft fabrics and comfortable shoes can help them feel more relaxed and at ease in social situations.

It can be hard to know someone's size but if you have a general idea, it's a good idea to stick to hoodies and oversized gym clothes or fitness clothes.

There are plenty of gym hoodies for men on Amazon or hoodies for women you can choose from.

Hobbies and crafts

Many introverts enjoy solitary hobbies that allow them to express themselves creatively, such as painting, drawing, writing, or knitting.

They may also enjoy DIY projects that allow them to work with their hands and focus their attention on a specific task.

Here are some gifts in the hobbies and crafts you can buy for introverts:

  • art supplies

  • knitting and crochet sets

  • journals and notebooks

  • scrapbooks

  • adult coloring books

  • calligraphy sets

Tech gadgets

Introverts may enjoy tech devices like tablets, smart phones, or laptop computers that allow them to work and play independently.

These items can help them stay connected with the world while still allowing them to retreat into their own private bubble.

Here are some tech gadgets to get for introverts:

  • tablets and iPads

  • smartphones

  • smart watches like the Apple Watch

  • laptops

  • wireless headphones and earbuds

  • e-readers

  • gaming consoles

  • bluetooth speakers

What about this cool levitating bluetooth speaker?

Puzzles and games

Puzzles or board games can be a great way for introverts to socialize without the pressure of having to maintain endless conversations. They can also be a fun way to help stimulate their minds and keep them engaged.

There are many puzzles for adults you can gift with some super cool travel photos or ones with pop culture images. You can even get Van Gogh art puzzles with 1000 pieces.

When it comes to board games, there are always new ones that come out. Introverts might appreciate games like Rummikub which is a tile and number-based game of strategy or Catan which is an award-winning strategy game.

Novelty items

Novelty items like interesting or funny mugs or coffee accessories can be a great way to show you appreciate an introvert’s unique personality and interests.

These items also make for fun conversation starters and can help break the ice when interacting with other people.

If the introvert in your life likes coffee, you can buy them Combler Glass Cups with Lids and Straws so they can make their favorite iced coffees and drink them in stylish glass ware.

Home gym equipment

Some introverts may prefer to exercise alone or in a more controlled environment, and may opt to invest in home gym equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, or weights.

Here is some home gym equipment that you can buy for your introvert friend:

  • under desk treadmill

  • dumbbells

  • yoga mats

  • resistance bands

  • Pilates bar kit

  • mini stepper

  • kettlebells

Indoor plants & terrariums

Introverts may enjoy spending time in quiet, peaceful environments, and having plants in their home can create a calming, natural atmosphere.

Taking care of plants can also be a meditative and relaxing activity.

Flowers are a great gift for introverts, and there are many indoor plants you can buy that don’t require much maintenance.

Peace lilies, succulents, spider plants, and ferns are all excellent options for low-maintenance houseplants.

Additionally, you can also buy terrariums, which are miniature gardens in glass jars or bowls.

These make for beautiful decorations and don’t require a lot of tending to.

DIY terrarium kits are quite popular for introverts and they come with everything you need to make a miniature garden in one convenient package.

Hydroponics Growing System

This is a great gift for any green thumbed introverts. People use them to grow fresh herbs year-round.

A hydroponics growing system allows plants to grow in water instead of soil, making it easier to maintain and monitor conditions for optimal growth.

These systems come with everything you need including LED lights, pumps, and nutrients. They are also equipped with sensors and touchscreen displays to help monitor the health of the plants.

Plus, they can be used indoors or outdoors and require very little maintenance.

Final thoughts

Overall, tech gadgets, puzzles and games, novelty items, home gym equipment, plants and terrariums, and hydroponics growing systems are all great gifts for the introvert in your life.

No matter which option you choose, these gifts will show the introvert you care and appreciate them for who they are.

Remember that the perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather, it should show that you understand and respect the introvert’s needs and interests.

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