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What are the most profitable blog niches right now? Top 10 accessible niches

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Can you start a successful blog in 2021?

With video gaining dominance, many people still wonder if anyone wants to read a blog. But, yes, people are still interested in finding helpful information through reading.

It is still possible to make a living online in 2021. This blog niche list will help you to identify the right niches. The key to success is to look at blog niches with less competition and start blogging in those.

You can make money online by following a plan before the end of the year. But, before I start talking about niche ideas, I want to talk about what a blog niche is.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. As part of the Amazon Associates Program, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

This blog, the recluse hub, is not a niche blog. This is my multi-niche blog, and I write about all the topics that interest me, but if you're looking to make some money faster with affiliate links, ad revenue, and sponsorships, you need to create a niche blog.

What is a blog niche?

A niche blog, also known as a microblog, is a blog that focuses on very specific topics.

These blogs are very detailed and can be very profitable. They also get a lot of traffic from very specific keywords.

So, the question most people struggle with before creating a blog or website is, "How do you choose what topic to blog about?"

And this is a pretty important question to answer as you're very early on in the process of starting a new blog because it could ultimately be the deciding factor that determines the future success

(or failure) of your blog.

Some bloggers just write whatever comes to mind, but that's not a great strategy for long-term success, especially if you want your blog to make money and want your blog to generate traffic and income for years to come.

Instead, you should pick a profitable blog niche. Thus, you need to find clear topics that you will focus your content on in order to set expectations for your readers.

Best blog niches

Here are the most profitable blog niches as of 2021. I will update them as things change to keep you up to date.

1. Productivity

People want to be able to work quickly and are always on the lookout for technology or tools to aid them. The years of working from home have made people eager to learn how to manage their time better. It's all about working less, more productively, using proven strategies and techniques.

Many blogs are built on productivity tips. You would be interested if I said I could extend your day and make more calls, finish more work, have more free time, etc. It is crucial to have enough time

Include productivity tips in your next blog post. Show how a new product or service improves productivity, or share what productivity tips or tricks you use.

2. Travel

Even with an ongoing pandemic, travel is still a huge niche. That's because people are curious to discover new places, both locally and internationally. Focus on safe travel destinations or cool family-friendly accommodation and activities. Travel tips and hacks are always sought after because people want a smooth, hassle-free experience.

People love to live vicariously through others and their blogs. Sharing your travels, dining tips, and expertise is sure to bring readers back for more. The truth is, traveling makes people happy to escape the drudgery of their daily lives. You can combine beautiful travel photos with tips on how to find the best hotels, flights, beaches, camping grounds etc.

3. Mommy blogs

This blog provides information for mothers. This could include entertainment, inspiration, or advice. Parenting advice is always welcome in a world of information overload. Women always enjoy reading about ways to simplify mom life and want ideas for a happier life for the family.

There are many types of content that you can post. It is also conceptual. This blog is flexible and can take you in many directions. That's why I love it. It doesn't focus on specific topics but instead targets parents who are interested in many topics. From things like keeping kids entertained at home to travel ideas or kid-friendly recipes, baby products to things like the best back-to-school supplies, there are many blog post ideas to be explored here.

4. Make money at home and work from home

This is one of the most popular niches because people want to work from home, make money online and create a passive income or new business. That's why this is a gold mine of opportunity when it comes to generating income. One of the most popular search terms this year is "how to make money online" because people want a supplemental income after the hardships of the past years.

All you have to do is share the best sites, products, services, and software that can help people learn how to make money online. There are plenty of Youtube videos and other blog posts with specific blog post topics you can write about for your new niche blog.

5. Fashion and beauty

Both the beauty and fashion industries are growing year after year. You may have the opportunity to access these products or even have access to fashion events. The thing is to review the best beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion, and accessories and write detailed blog posts about them. If you use affiliate links, you can earn a lot of commissions and actually make lots of money.

Since beauty and fashion are very visual, most bloggers in this blog will focus on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. But, blogging is still a good way to succeed within this niche. People like to read your thoughts and opinions before purchasing things. Swatches can persuade browsers to become buyers.

6. Food

Food is a very popular topic for blogging. Recipe posts can bring in a lot of organic traffic. You also have the opportunity to expand your reach into tutorials and cookbooks. Plus, according to many income reports, plenty of food blogs are raking in thousands each month because they get lots of views.

A blog that focuses on a specific diet will have a better chance of being a success. Vegan and vegetarian blogs, for example, have an easier time building a loyal audience than more generalized food blogs, as do blogs related to specific food allergies or diets. For example, you can write gluten-free recipes that are appealing to celiacs and get lots of traffic.

7. Health and fitness

People are always searching for ways to become healthier, stay fit, and have a better diet. If you blog about health and fitness, you will be able to reach a wide audience of people who are willing to spend money on improving their health. Whether it's recommending the best treadmills or offering tasty salad ideas, there are thousands of exciting topics to blog about.

It's not surprising that health and fitness is one of the most sought-after niches for blogging. This niche is very lucrative, which means that there will be many blogs competing with yours. It is the easiest way to increase your voice by narrowing your focus to your main interest. If you like to share workout tips, stick to that. If you have valid health advice, you can always share that with your audience. Maybe you have your own health journey to share, and I'm sure others with the same issues will find comfort reading your blog.

8. Finances & saving money

Do you know a thing or two about saving money? Or perhaps you're a successful investor. If you want to offer some free financial education, you can always write helpful blog posts. People are always searching for ways to get out of debt and save money. Perhaps you can write about how to get a mortgage and how to pay off credit cards. Any useful tips are welcome as long as they're explained in a way people can understand.

Blogs about frugality and living modestly are very popular now with the current financial situation across the world. But so are market tips about investing, cryptocurrencies, index funds, and so on. Then you can also tackle household debt, how to create a budget and useful software.

9. Gaming & technology

In the past couple of years, many people spent their free time at home, using their gadgets and gaming. The niche has exploded, with many people searching for the latest tech gadgets, games, and accessories. Now is the time to discuss the latest tech, software or write in-depth reviews and post tutorials.

Although you might not be able to divulge top-secret industry news or insider information, there are many topics that you can write about that people are surely searching for. Consider writing about the latest smartphone launches, cameras, fitness watches, apps, new games, streaming news, tutorials, and even in-depth how-to guides, as those always rank well on Google.

10. Marketing

As I mentioned above, people want to make money from home. That's why you can use any knowledge about marketing, especially content and affiliate marketing and write up useful blog posts. Marketing is technically part of the business niche but since it's so popular now, it's really a whole niche of its own.

There are many established marketing blogs out there, so be sure to have something unique to offer. You can focus on things like how to market a blog, help other bloggers set up affiliate marketing codes, review affiliate programs, teach people how to write good content and then how to market it too. E-mail marketing is another huge field of interest for many newbies so if you have tips and tricks, you can bring many visitors to your website.


I hope you found an idea while reading through these 10 blog niche ideas for this year. Come back soon as I'll be adding more.

The one thing I want you to know is that you don't need to be an expert to write blog posts. Even if you know nothing about a certain topic, you can always use Google to find everything you need so don't feel discouraged.

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