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The New Greenaissance Movement: What is it and how to join

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The term greenaissance is a fairly new and unpopular word. I'm sure if you ask people what it means, most won't be able to tell you. It sounds similar to the renaissance (rebirth and revival of European art and culture, or historical period between 1300-1600), but it's not. It is about a revival, though.

In fact, greenaissance refers to a movement that aims to shed light on the climate crisis facing our planet. It aims to educate and change the behaviors that negatively impact our climate, and it wants to inspire people to act on climate change immediately.

Just looking at the sheer number of natural disasters which are mainly caused by climate change is enough to convince many people that a new green rebirth is required. We need to rethink and re-evaluate our lifestyle and make quick changes to prevent the worst consequences as a result of this climate crisis.

This movement is a wake-up call for people to face the realities of climate change. There has been an increase in natural disasters over the past few years. As a result, people are looking for ways to reduce their impact, halt or reverse climate change wherever they can. Those working for and contributing to the greenaissance movement share tips and tricks to help you reduce waste, live more sustainably, and take actionable steps towards a greener planet.

How to join

It's not some kind of special club. In fact, anyone can be a part of this movement. It's an environmental social movement and every single one of us can do our part. Therefore, you can join by attending climate rallies to force companies to change, you can protest big oil, or you can just use less water and stop using so much plastic. It's really simple to make small lifestyle changes. Even something as simple as raising awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans is a good way to take part in the greenaissance.

The bottom line is that this greenaissance movement is about going green and making more eco-friendly choices in day-to-day life.

Things like switching to more energy-efficient lightbulbs, or using metal straws are all great ways to get started.

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