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Short Nature Videos and Photography

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Here is my collection of short nature videos and my favorite photographs of nature and animals.

The photos and videos are taken either by my mom in Toronto, Canada, or myself in Romania. We like to document each season through photos and videos. No, they are not professional photos as we're amateurs, but it's so much fun and a great way to relax.

Check back here to see more photos and videos as I add more!

Birds chirping - it's a pleasant sound that helps me relax every time. Watching birds makes me forget about my own problems and helps me connect to nature.

Mr. Seagull contemplating whether to attack and steal some of those peanuts destined for the squirrels or not. The seagulls are fearless and go after geese and swans too!

Apr 24, 2021: The cherry tree in my garden is blossoming. If you look closely, you can see a bee pollinating the flowers. I was eagerly waiting for this bloom.

A swan on the pond at sunset. The water was calm, and even though it was cold, it was still a pleasant evening.

Every spring, I look forward to the magnolia tree blooms. If you're lucky enough to see a huge tree bloom, take some photos! I always feel cheery when I see magnolia trees.

Free as a bird. The seagulls are enjoying Lake Ontario in April 2021. Even though it's stormy outside, the lake is still beautiful.

Forsythia bushes are gorgeous too. The yellow flowers are a constant reminder to smile and feel good. Also, they make great backdrops for photos, don't you agree?

I love the scent of lily of the valley, so I picked one, but I have a lot of them in my garden. Thankfully they smell amazing, and they look good this year. Last year there were hardly any!

It's June and the birds are all enjoying the warm weather. Check out my collage:

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