How to Refresh your Patio with Outdoor Lights and Candles
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How to Refresh your Patio with Outdoor Lights and Candles

Updated: May 21

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The reality is that many of us will probably be spending lots of time at home this summer!

Maybe our holidays will be canceled, or we will have to continue to practice social distancing...who knows?!

But, one thing's for sure. If you have an outdoor space, no matter how big or small, it's fun to freshen up the space and make some changes. There are so many decor and design ideas on the web, I'm sure you can find ways to make your space more comfortable and appealing!

I was browsing Pinterest for outdoor patio ideas to refresh my two outdoor living spaces. I have a porch/veranda area with my outdoor patio set. It contains a glass table and 6 chairs, for easy entertaining and enough space to feel comfortable. I also have a small wooden bench and a table behind a garden shed. This is a shady spot, perfect for hot summer days.

I found a great idea: solar-powered lights and outdoor lanterns, all affordable and available on Amazon!

Here is a way to give your outdoor space a makeover using outdoor candles and solar-powered lights!


These multifunctional decorative lanterns offer a touch of extra coziness at night and look nice during the day. They are a design piece that makes an outdoor space like a patio, veranda, or balcony look more put together.

You can place them by the patio furniture or hang them, and they'll look like lights at night. Place them on the table for an added touch of elegance and style.

If you want to keep it extra safe, choose solar-powered LED candles.

For a boho vintage vibe, choose tabletop glass candle holders with twine detail.

Grab a pair of these antique style candle holders to put on your patio table or windowsill.

If you want tall lanterns to place on either side of the patio furniture, try tall metal LED candle lanterns.

These candles are for indoor AND outdoor use, so you can place them in the living room during winter and bring them out for spring, summer, and even early autumn.

Nautical Theme

The nautical decor trend is back again and I've found some nice white, navy, and twine wooden lanterns, perfect for the seaside-themed design trend.

These lanterns are great for cottages, beach houses, or seaside properties. You can even get away with having them on your balcony because they are so multifunctional.


Wanna know the best thing about solar-powered outdoor lights?

1. You don't need to buy any more batteries

2. There is nothing to plug in!

3. These lights will charge during the day time.

Try STRING LIGHTS and make your patio feel like an outdoor restaurant patio!

Solar-powered string lights are easy to use and offer great light even in the darkest spaces. Feel like you're at a small cozy cafe with globe string lights. The best part is, these lights are safe because they are waterproof and don't overheat!

Where to hang them:

- on trees and shrubs

- fences

- poles

- on tall furniture pieces

You might need a suspension kit to keep the lights hanging up high.

If you want to have your own "starry night" every single night, consider these cute twinkling star string lights.

Now, it's time for something the kids will love: FIREFLY LIGHTS!!!

These lights look like little fireflies so you can feel like you're in a fairytale and make any outdoor space feel magical.

So, you see, upgrading an outdoor area is possible with the help of artificial lighting. Just some simple decorative objects are enough to make a space feel new and fresh. This is what I'm going to do to my small shady patio. I'll be purchasing two tall lanterns and some LED candles so I can have a more relaxing space.

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