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Best Stay at Home Holiday Gifts for Mom & Dad

Updated: Jan 12

This year the Holidays are going to look very different. Who would've thought COVID-19 is going to turn the whole world upside down? Did you imagine one year ago that you'd spend most of your time at home? How many times did you take eating out and hanging out for granted? I sure did. I never thought that going out to my favorite restaurants would involve such potential health risks.

The only way I can deal with the pandemic is to make my time at home comfortable. I work from home as a freelance blog writer. I've noticed that people are buying things that make life at home comfy and easy. Honestly, I think all we want this Holiday season is health and the chance to be with our loved ones.

So, my idea in this blog post is to present some great gifts that everyone can appreciate. These items have one common thread - they are COMFORT items. HOMEY items. What's the point of a fancy holiday gift guide if people can't even go out to celebrate? We need a practical gift guide with things people can make isolation more bearable and fun. Parents should feel pampered and happy.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission for qualifying purchases. The items listed here are ads.

Now, onto the goodies. You can gift these to all the people you care about and know that they'll be appreciated.

Best Gifts For Dad

Men's Memory Foam Slippers

These are so much better than classic slippers because they have the softest sole. Dad is going to feel like he's walking on clouds. Literally. These slippers are such a comfy dad might even wear them to the grocery store without realizing it.#ad

Indoor Grills

If your father loves to grill, a cool indoor grill is a great option. You can cook anything on these grills from Angus beef to rib-eye steak, wings, salmon, and even veggies. The best part about these grills is that they don't smoke up the whole house, so mom isn't going to be annoyed with all the smells. I bought myself one of these grills, and I'm OBSESSED. Cooking dinner is easier than ever before. #ad

A Set of Power Tools

Every handyman likes to have his tools ready when something needs fixing. This year, there are so many great deals on toolsets; I'm sure dad will enjoy building and fixing with his brand new power tools. I mean, power drills need replacing, right? #ad

Shaving Supplies

I know my dad used to shave on the go in a hurry, but now he has time to enjoy his routine. That's why every man needs good shaving supplies. Christmas is the time to make dad try new products and break him out of his classic Gilette disposable razor. I'm sure he'll appreciate a better shaving experience. #ad

Best Gifts for Mom

Colorful Porcelain Mugs

Now that we're spending so much time at home, we're using more mugs and probably breaking quite a few...that's why a nice colorful set of high-quality porcelain mugs is something every kitchen needs. Mom will enjoy sipping her coffee or tea, and she'll always be reminded of you! #ad

Satin Bedding

For a good night's sleep, a satin bedding set is a must-have essential. It's going to make sleeping so much more comfortable; your parents might end up sleeping in every now and then. I first got satin pillowcases, and the best part was I wasn't waking up with any marks on my face. It's a relief, trust me! #ad

An At-Home Spa Set

This might be the year when mom actually has time to use those spa gift baskets she gets as gifts. It is the year when self-care becomes much more important. If your mom can't go to a salon, spa, or even the hairdresser, a good at-home spa kit will make her feel pampered. #ad

Air Fryer

This Holiday season, it's time to start cooking healthier meals. One way to do that is to cut the fat and switch to an air fryer. There are so many delicious ways to cook your favorite foods with this practical fryer. It's going to make mom's life much easier. Did you know that she can make fries, chicken wings, eggs rolls, tacos, and even sweets like brownies in an air fryer? This kitchen tool is versatile and easy to use. It's going to make Christmas dinner healthier and tastier. #ad

Christmas Candles

As she sits cozied up with a blanket, mom is going to love the scent of these Christmas candles. Of course, there's the classic gingerbread scent, the candied apple, and fir balsam. But there are even more fragrant scents to choose from. These candles make any space feel like "home". After all, comfort and hygge is the way to go this season. #ad

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