Best Makeup Products Under $15
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Best Makeup Products Under $15

Updated: Jun 15

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One of my passions is makeup. I am a bit of a makeup hoarder because I just like to try new makeup all the time. I am also living on a budget so I am always looking for great makeup products that are affordable.

I would say that about 60% of my makeup is drugstore, high street, affordable and 40% is from more expensive brands you find at Sephora. But honestly, the drugstore makeup is just getting better and better each season! I've found brands like Colourpop are amazing, their products work just as well as high-end makeup.

I only splurge if I deem it's definitely worth it!

Ok, so let's get to the makeup. I'll be adding a couple of products from the main makeup categories. I'll do a follow-up post with skincare later!


Matte Foundation: I've been using the Maybelline Fit Me for the last 3 years and I love the coverage it gives without making my skin look cakey.

If you want a formula that's not as matte, try the Milani foundation.

Milani is a great brand for affordable makeup products. Their 2-in-1 concealer and foundation works nicely, offering medium coverage and a smooth finish.

Recently, I've been loving the NYX BORN TO GLOW FOUNDATION. It is hands down one of the best drugstore foundations.

This foundation offers medium coverage and has a glow formula. It won't leave you shiny but it gives that healthy glow for summer.

Here's the 0nly concealer palette you need!


I suggest getting a concealer and corrector palette so you can correct any dark circles and blemishes. This NYX palette has everything you need.

I use blush and bronzer every time I put on a full face of makeup, try these 2 favorites.


COLOURPOP interstellar pressed powder blush ($10)

  • This is a matte blush

  • It applies like a dream

  • Comes in pink and bronze shades

  • Buildable formula

  • Soft powder

  • Very pretty packaging

The Milani Baked Blush is a blusher and bronzer that works for all skin tones. I've been using this product for the past 2 years and I love it!

Try their bronzer which is just as amazing. Sometimes I use the blush as both bronzer and blush depending on the shade.

Even on no makeup days, mascara is always part of my routine!


Essence Lash Princess Mascara has been my go-to drugstore mascara for over 12 months! I've tried the pink and green version and I can tell you that my lashes look just as good with this product as they do with the 30 dollar mascaras!

Or try: L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

This mascara is a dupe for the famous Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. It does the same thing but at half the price!

I use a felt tip eyeliner to draw on a cat-eye!


Finding a great liquid eyeliner that actually goes on well and keeps its dark black color all day was a struggle, but the one that works for me is this one from NYX.

I love using a lipstick and lipgloss combo on my lips.


I think L'Oreal Lipsticks are a fail-safe option. Their lipsticks are creamy and pigmented.


This NYX BUTTER GLOSS is one of my favorite easy to apply glosses. It's more like a liquid lipstick because it's very high pigmented.

Try this bonus product: Jelly Highlighter!

I am a huge fan of my Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palette but an interesting alternative is a jelly highlighter that you just dab on with your finger, highlighting the areas you want to glow. This jelly is easy to use and offers a buildable glow.

Makeup is about having fun, feeling confident, and making yourself look your best.

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