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What Is Evergreen Content and How To Write It

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. The Recluse Hub is part of the Amazon Affiliates Program and earns commission from qualifying purchases.

The number one way to attract new readers to your blog is to have evergreen content. It's the type of content that people are always searching for, no matter what time of year it is.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content refers to a type of blog content that never goes out of date. This means this type of information or content is always relevant, regardless of the season, and time period. It also means that people are searching for that content regardless of the news cycle or world events.

So, the bottom line is that evergreen content stays "fresh" and "relevant" all the time.

To write great evergreen posts, you need to consider keywords, basic SEO principles, and write to persuade.

Types of evergreen content ideas:

  1. listicles

  2. product reviews

  3. how-to guides

  4. videos

  5. ebooks

  6. blogging tips and tricks

Where does the name evergreen come from?

We're not talking about trees here, but this type of content gets its name from the evergreens.

Basically, evergreen comes from evergreen trees, which keep their leaves all year round. Think of conifers that always have green needles.

What is the opposite of evergreen content?

Since evergreen content refers to year-round fresh content, there are two alternatives. These are:

time-sensitive content: this content is usually created for SEO purposes, to sell affiliate products that are only available for a limited time or to mark one specific news story or event.

Some examples: COVID-19 related content and things such as "Work from Home Bundles 2020" which are most relevant for the year 2020.

seasonal content: this is content that is only relevant during a certain season. For example blog posts about Christmas, summer clothing, and Halloween costumes are only relevant for most readers during those particular seasons.

Some examples: "10 easy Christmas dinner recipes" or "best SPF cream for summer" which most people would search for during that season.

Examples of evergreen content: "how to lose 10 pounds" which is always searched for on Google or something like "how to train your puppy" because people are always getting puppies.

Why is evergreen content important?

This type of content is essential to your blog because it keeps people coming back and helps bring continuous new traffic to your blog. If you are answering important questions that are being searched for on Google, you will get more traffic.

Here's why you should write evergreen blog posts:

  • they are everlasting and always fresh

  • helps you rank high on search engines such as Google

  • establishes your reputation and authority on a subject

  • this type of content is very shareable on social media and other blogs, creating backlinks

  • source of passive income, write the post once and let it attract traffic and affiliate income or ads income

  • keeps readers interested year-round

If your information is valuable, readers will keep coming back to it time after time.

How do you create evergreen content?

My number one tip is to do your research. Choose your topic of choice, then look at the Google search results for that topic. Always check out what the top results are saying and offering. Make sure you include all the answers to the top questions.

I check the search section in google called "people also ask" and then try to answer the top 5 questions within an article or blog post.

Don't forget to find the best keywords and integrate them into your posts. This will help make your content truly evergreen and timeless.

You will need to have some basic SEO knowledge but you can check out this ebook that teaches you the basics of SEO and honestly you are fine knowing the basics.

So here is a list of tips to help you make evergreen content for your blog NOW:

- write how-to guides

- answer the top questions about a certain topic

- explain important concepts

- offer advice

- share your personal experiences

- build content around top searched keywords

- answer FAQ's

- write testimonials

- write short sentences and use power words to keep readers interested

The bottom line:

Evergreen content is SEO-friendly content that is considered FRESH and will always be relevant.

Evergreen Content Ideas

  • self-care tips

  • book reviews

  • product reviews

  • tutorial

  • how-to article

  • writing tips

  • freelancing

  • work from home tips

  • how to repurpose content

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