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The blog post idea list you've been looking for: 50 Summer Themed Blog Post Ideas

Updated: May 15, 2020

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50 Summer Blog Post Ideas

Even if you won't be able to vacation this summer, you still need fresh summer-themed seasonal content. Here's the list I put together!

I've decided to brainstorm 40 Blog Post Ideas for summer-related content. This list is meant to help you come up with summer blog post ideas. You should take them as starting points for good blog posts and modify as well as develop them into unique posts. Make sure you make all your titles and blog posts SEO friendly!!


1. 10 Must-Have Summer Maxi Dresses

2. How To Style Midi Skirts

3. Most Comfortable Sandals To Wear This Summer

4. 10 Essential Clothing Items to Keep you Cool

5. How To Style Denim Shorts

6. Where To Buy Affordable Swimwear

7. What Type Of Swimwear You Should Wear Based On Your Body Type

8. 10 Must-Have Crop Tops

9. Clothing Essentials for Your Staycation

10. Best Heat-Proof Materials For Summer


1. The Best Waterproof Mascara For The Beach Or Pool

2. How To Wear Pastel Eyeliner and Eyeshadow This Summer

3. Best Natural No-Makeup Makeup Look

4. Trending Nail Colors For Summer

5. Top 10 Self-Tan Products

6. How To Apply Sunscreen Correctly

7. Best Luminous Foundations For All Skin Types

8. How To Make Your Own Lip Scrub At Home

9. Top 10 New Vegan Makeup Products

10. Best Sweat-proof Primers and Foundations


1. 10 Summer Barbecue Sauces You Need To Try

2. The Best Ways To Cook Corn

3. Keto Summer Salads

4. Paleo Summer Salads

5. Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

6. Fresh Fruit Summer Cocktails

7. Best Chicken and Pineapple Recipes

8. Chilled Soup Recipes - Gazpacho

9. Try These Watermelon Alcoholic Beverages

10. Low-Fat Salad Dressing Ideas


1. How To Take Your Workout Outdoors

2. Why You Should Walk More This Summer

3. Best Mountain Climbing Destinations In The U.S (or any other country)

4. How To Work Out While Social Distancing

5. How To Avoid Serious Injury While Working Out When It’s Hot

6. Tips To Stay Hydrated During Your Summer Workout

7. Best Activewear Pieces To Keep You Cool

8. Try Paddle-boarding To Keep In Shape This Summer

9. Best Yoga Poses To Try At The Beach

10. 10 Reasons To Try Aqua Zumba


1. How to Update your SEO for More Views

2. How to Balance Blogging and Family During Summer

3. How to Stay on Track while Blogging

4. Create an Outdoor Work Space

5. Best Summer Instagram Filters for Bloggers

6. 10 Pinterest Tips for you Seasonal Content

7. How to Make Seasonal Content Easily

8. Ways to Make More Time for Blogging this Summer

9. How to Create and Shoot Blog Content in your Neighbourhood

10. Best Time Management Strategies for Busy Bloggers

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