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3 Reasons Why Writing Blog Posts is a Struggle

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I am one of those people who struggles writing blog posts because I always overthink things. As a freelance writer, I spend most of my working day writing and editing blog posts for other people. And truth be told, once I am finished working, I am sick and tired of blog posts...sometimes I am so glad it's over that I don't want to work on my own blog. After doing research, editing, and writing, I am mentally tired most days.

But, I figured out the problems with writing blog posts, and I will share them with you below.

I was recently checking out a lot of other blogs and I feel so inspired by their posts and all the great content these bloggers put out on a regular basis. So I thought to myself "what do bloggers struggle with when writing blog posts?"

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission for qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

1. Writer's Block

If you ask many bloggers and freelance writers, they'll tell you that they suffer from writer's block every once in a while. The problem isn't that there is not enough content to write about. In fact, the problem is that there is TOO MUCH content to create, too much to write, and not enough time. Therefore, the brain goes into overthinking mode and it's hard to select what to write about and how.

Depending on your niche, you might have lots of new information to blog about all the time. It's normal to struggle because you have to find inspiration, find information, write it up, and post it. And I's not easy!

What is writer's block exactly?

I think writer's block is all in your head actually. But, it can be a ruthless struggle to overcome it. As a writer, you need to listen to the inner voice in your head and go with the flow. Basically, writer's block is a creative slowdown of the brain. It feels like you lack new ideas and don't know what else to write.

Many people consider that blogging is not a job or career but those people probably never tried writing 3 blog posts per week, doing other side hustles, working, and taking care of a family!

The main reason people experience writer's block is actually a bad disposition or mood. And by bad, I mean that when you can't seem to write, you're not in the right mindset.

To overcome this bad mindset, do something that makes you happy. Go out in nature. Take a walk. Take a coffee or tea break and recharge.

What I like to do when I struggle to write is I read other things and do more research. I always end up finding ideas and it makes my work easier.

2. Writing is Hard

Writing is hard. The End.

I personally struggle with writing coherently somedays. The problem is I just can't seem to express what I want to say properly. I have a lengthy academic background in English, but writing blog posts is different!

I write, what's your superpower? - A funny mug that is so spot on. Writing is a superpower because not everyone can do it effectively!

Actually, there are so many components of writing to think about. You must master spelling, grammar, and syntax. Luckily, you have tools like the Grammarly browser extension. It helps you write faster because it corrects you as you write. But, you also need to do work and be confident in your writing. If you rely solely on this type of software, you risk sounding like a bot. It makes mistakes too and suggests incorrect "correction" sometimes.

The one thing I love most about blogging is that I can say whatever I want and the writing DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!!


I think the best way to write coherent blog posts is to write in short paragraphs and a conversational tone. After all, you're not writing a literary essay about John Donne's rhyme scheme. You need to keep blog posts simple and easy to understand for people from all kinds of educational backgrounds. Don't be afraid to use bullet points. It keeps the reader interested. If there is too much text at once, people get bored. That's the honest truth.

If you are struggling to find the right tone, use a dictation software like the Microsoft Office Word Dictation option, and just dictate your words. Of course, you'll need to make a few edits, but it will help you figure out what you want your writing to "sound like" (if that makes sense).


When you write a blog post, it's not just simply writing. You have to integrate SEO and optimize the post to rank well on Google. Now, that's harder sometimes than writing the actual text.

First, you need to choose affiliate products to promote. Then, you must pitch them without being too in your face or you risk people hating the content. Also, it's hard to keep a fine line between promoting affiliate links and providing useful content. For example, I added a link to an ebook on affiliate marketing which fits in with what I'm writing about right now. So, this link is relevant to the text. But, if I add a random link to a pajama set, people will be confused. Do you see what I mean?

The main "job" of your writing is to convince your reader to take action, so you need to combine the affiliate product with some good text. You must PERSUADE the readers to click that link or sign up for a service or newsletter. It's tough, I know.

When it comes to SEO optimization, it's best to read up on all the free information you can find. If you have some money to spare, take an SEO course because it will help you a lot in the future. You need to know how to use keywords in your writing. It's all about integrating them in the right places.

Don't worry too much about SEO perfection because these things change on an almost daily basis, but always do some basic keyword research before you start writing that blog post!

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