10 Rainy Day Activities for Introverts (or those self-isolating)
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10 Rainy Day Activities for Introverts (or those self-isolating)

Updated: Mar 19

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In the context of the virus and the fact that so many people are self-isolating and social distancing, I want to share some ideas for activities to do at home, besides working, eating, and sleeping! This post is relatable for most people, not just introverts at this time!

Let's pretend it's raining, (or perhaps it actually is) and you feel bored. But, you don't want to go out with people and you don't feel like going to public places. Ok, some of these activities are classics - like reading. But, sometimes all we need to get us going is a little bit of extra motivation.

I am one of those people who really enjoy the rain... all of it, from the sound of the rain hitting my window, to the gloomy light, and the smell of rain. I know that being indoors all day when it rains can get boring and dull. That is why I am compiling this list of 10 rainy day activities for my fellow introverts. And best of all, these activities require no other people!

1. Play games on your tablet/phone/laptop

I spend time daily playing games on my tablet. I choose relaxing games such as multiplayer Scrabble. There are many city-building games, adventure, and puzzle games available for free, so if you want to just spend some time relaxing, try games.

> recommendations: Scrabble, Citytopia, Board Kings, other city-building games or adventure games.

2. Read books

I like to read, and everyone knows reading is a favorite pastime for many people. Reading is both educational, helping develop your vocabulary and memory and also interesting. Try reading a new genre and read outside your comfort zone. There are so many great new books and classics alike, just waiting to be enjoyed.

> recommendations: classics, self-help, short stories, memoirs, fashion and lifestyle magazines

Romantic poetry (from the Romantic period)

If you've never read the classics of British Romantic poetry such as Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' you're missing out!

The Penguin Book of Romantic Poetry (Penguin Classics) (affiliate link)

Self-help books for introverts

Here is a motivational and inspirational self-help book about harnessing the power of your introverted nature. Read Laurie Helgoe's book Introvert Power (affiliate link)!

3. Clean out an area of your home

Some spring cleaning is probably a good idea on a rainy day. Cleaning can have some therapeutic effects and it can actually be kind of fun, trust me. Just choose ONE thing/space to clean. Don't overwhelm yourself with cleaning and clearing out.

> recommendation: curate your closet, clean your pantry, clean a closet or storage space, clean the fridge, re-arrange a part of your home

4. Take a nature walk through the rain

If you're a fan of walking through the rain with an umbrella, I suggest you get out and take a walk through a park, or green space. If you can't find any, just walk around the city anyway and do some good old people-watching.

> recommendation: walk through the park and observe different types of trees, plants, and flowers

5. Find new blogs to read

> recommendation: search Google and social media for new blogs to follow and read something new, discover some new information

6. Try a new recipe

Good food is always a good idea. But, have you considered trying something new? How about a more complex recipe, or something you've never cooked before? A rainy day can be the perfect opportunity to start baking something tasty. Baking my own bread sounds like a good challenge.

> recommendation: try something you don't usually make, like a vegan meal, a healthy dessert, or bread

Try baking your own artisan bread at home!

Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza [A Cookbook] (affiliate link)

7. Do some indoor gardening

Even if you live in a tiny flat, you can still keep some potted plants. Try to spend some time caring for the plants, perhaps re-potting and buying new plants. Indoor gardening can be very satisfactory!

> recommendation: buy cool stylish planters and re-pot your plants.

I've managed to make my house plants look a bit more "stylish" with cute planters.

Check out these cute planter designs (all are affiliate links).

8. Put together a puzzle

If you haven't done puzzles for a long time you've probably forgotten how satisfying puzzling as an adult can be. Not only is it a good brain-training activity, but it can be loads of fun. Consider framing your puzzle and use it as a wall-art piece.

> recommendation: 1000+ piece puzzles that take a longer time to put together

Ravensburger Puzzles are very high-quality and have lots of cool designs (affiliate links)

9. Try gentle exercise

Try some gentle exercise such as yoga, mediations, deep breathing, or other forms of light exercise.

> recommendations: search Youtube for at-home exercises you can do

10. Spend time writing

There is no doubt writing is therapeutic. You don't have to a novelist to enjoy writing. Keep a journal where you can chronicle your day or jot down your thoughts.

> recommendations: start the day with Morning Pages. Read my blog post about "Morning Pages: A daily writing exercise for creatives" and start writing now!

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