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10 Pretty Flowers To Cheer You Up - A Visual Flower Photo Article

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

If you feel like winter is never ending and that odd ray of sunshine brings you joy, then it means that like me, you are ready for spring and summer to come waltzing in! When you hit a slump and feel depressed or melancholic, simply seeing flowers and buying flowers can be an instant mood booster. A UK study found that flowers provide mental health benefits such as improving your mood and memory, lowering stress and anxiety, helping you sleep better, and a fresh bouquet of flowers can even help you become more productive.

Getting a beautiful coffee table book of floral photos will instantly brighten up your space!

Here is my list of 10 Pretty Flowers To Cheer You Up and many of the flowers on the list are #spring flowers.

1. Lilac

2. Tulips

3. Daffodils

4. Snowdrops / Summer Snowflakes

5. Carnations

6. Crocus

7. Dahlias

8. Daisies

9. Forsythia

10. Freesia

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