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Working from home: is it worth it?

Everywhere you look, you'll find a new home-based business. Being your own employer has become a popular choice for many people. One of the most common messages you'll hear is to establish a home-based business right now.

Everyone is saying "go freelance" or "try remote work" or "work from home and be happier". While that's true, it's not the best option for everyone, especially extroverts who value human-to-human interaction over tech-based interactions like Zoom meetings.

For an introvert like myself, working from home is my only satisfactory option and I'm going to share the top reasons why working from home is worth it!

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Reasons why people are worried about working from home

People always ask me the same questions about working from home and one of the most common ones is "how do you stay motivated?" or "don't you miss interacting with co-workers?".

Lack of motivation and self-discipline

First, I don't always feel motivated and I end up procrastinating a lot but I always hand in my work on time. The secret is to use your time wisely and use some good time management techniques.

The Pomodoro technique is my personal favorite because it works for me. I use a timer and break up tasks into 25-minute intervals and then take short breaks to give my brain some breathing time to refocus.

If you don't have previous experience with remote work positions, it might be difficult to start. There's a difference between freelancing from the comfort of your couch to running your own small home-based business. You might require an initial investment. These things make people hesitant to drop the 9-5 job.

If you despise the 9-to-5 grind and despise contributing to the wealth of others, starting your own company or freelance business may be for you.

It's a plus if you have some business experience, but you don't need to be an expert to start your own company. You need to keep in mind a number of things.

Do you have enough space in your home for the type of home business you plan to run?

Is there a place in your house where you can concentrate on your work without being interrupted by the typical noises and activities of daily life?

Distractions such as your children, spouse, pets, television, and a yard that needs mowing can all take time away from your workplace. Also, be aware that you will be required to go to work every day as usual. That doesn't change just because you've started a business from home.

If you struggle to keep track of time, I recommend a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS because you can also keep tabs on e-mails, texts, and you can set reminders.

Here's something many people don't tell you: working from home may require you to work MORE hours to make a substantial income or to cover the bills and have leftover money. If you are a blog writer and content creator like I am, you may not even reach this stage any time soon.

Is working from home good?

An in-office job can have a negative impact on one's health and well-being, as well as the relationships between coworkers and managers.

A recent study reveals that 72% of employers say that offering work from home or remote work positions to their employees significantly improves employee retention. This means people who can work from home WANT to continue to work for their employers this way.

There are numerous health benefits of working from home, including:

  • Physical activity is given more time.

  • Being able to consume a healthy diet

  • Ability to recuperate at home after illness or surgery Reduced risk of illness

  • Affordability of treatment for a medical condition or disability

  • The ability to design a workstation that is both comfortable and ergonomic.

Besides physical and mental health benefits, working from home has some pros and cons.

In time, you become a self-made woman (or man). You get a lot more out of it than just the fact that you can go to work in your sweatpants. Working from home teaches you to rely on your own drive, determination, self-control, concentration, and self-discipline. Time management and scheduling are vital skills to have, even if it sounds simple and obvious.

You'll be able to accomplish more. Working from home can really increase your output, as long as you're not sneaking off to binge-watch Netflix.

If you focus on working, there will be no interruptions, loud coworkers, idle chatting, or any of the other office annoyances.

You'll learn how to communicate effectively. Working from home involves learning new tech skills, sending more emails, Zoom meetings, and negotiating indirectly.

What is the number one disadvantage of working from home?

It's possible that you'll overlook the timer. In spite of what some people believe, working from home doesn't necessarily imply you're doing less. In fact, your workday kind of merges into your home life when you don't have that separation of going to and from the office which can mean you're working weekdays as well as weekends.

Burnout might occur if you constantly feel like you're working. The problem is that it's hard to establish a perfect work-life balance, especially in the beginning. You might start work on a Monday at 11 am and finish at 8 pm. But then you might have a shorter Tuesday only to end up working on a Saturday evening. It all depends on your workload.

When you're freelancing you might get a new project on a Friday and you need to turn it over in 2 days so you might work all weekend. Once you're an established freelancer you have much more say and power in your projects. You can tell potential clients your clearly defined working hours and avoid working on weekends.

So, should I try working from home?

The basic conclusion is that starting a home-based business requires advance planning. Determine if it's what you really want and if you're prepared to put in the effort required to succeed.

In the end, only you know the answer to that, and it is influenced by the type of business you choose to operate. If you are not an outgoing, self-assured person, you could have an easier time succeeding in a home business that is service-oriented rather than sales-oriented.

Self-motivation is essential if you want to establish your own business, whether it's a home-based one or something else. Getting you out of bed each morning and making sure you get to work will be your responsibility.

Owning your own home-based business has some dangers. After quitting your day job, you should not establish a home business. It is possible that you will have to continue working at your existing job while you grow your home business until it begins to generate revenue.

However, some people are at more danger than others.

How much money do you have in your savings account? How much do you spend each month on utility bills? Is your monthly revenue already at its maximum? It's easier for a single person to begin. When launching a home company, a spouse who is not currently employed has an edge over the primary breadwinner.

There's no harm in trying to start your own business if you're currently working part-time and it costs you more to get to work than you earn. It won't be worse than staying in a dead-end job, at least not for long.

We want to know what the benefits are. The benefits of running a business from your home are numerous. Even if you still have to work, knowing that you are at home with your family and close by gives them peace of mind.

Another perk is that you don't have to drive to and from work every day. In your new home business, your first profits should include the money you save on petrol and vehicle maintenance.

Another benefit is the independence that comes with being your own employer. In itself, knowing that you are in charge, that you are in charge of the outcome, and that you are in charge of making all of the decisions is a reward in itself.

You see a better way to do things but no one listens and you don't have the power to make it happen while you're working for someone else. These are the kinds of choices you'll have to make on your own in a home-based business.

The other reward is the money. That's because it's not as significant as the others. If money is your main incentive, I would suggest you have a lower probability of success than many others who aren't simply money-motivated. Of course, your business needs to make money to be a success.

For your home business, pick something you're passionate about. Don't do it unless it's something you really want to do. Make sure you aren't solely or primarily concerned with the quantity of money you will make from your home business while making your decision.

If you pick something you enjoy doing, it will be much simpler for you to stay motivated, and you'll have a much better time doing it. It becomes less important when you consider the other benefits, such as being close to your family.

Additionally, you'll learn that this is the best way to increase your earnings. Due to your passion for a certain career path, your work ethic has risen, and you are now earning more money. Basically, that's how things work.

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Setitra McCain
Setitra McCain
12 mar 2022

Enjoyed this read. I agree it isn't for everyone but it is worth it for some of us. I enjoy working from home, gives me more freedom and like mentioned I can eat healthier and save on gas.

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