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Here's why YOU should still be writing in notebooks, the old fashioned way.

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Why should you own at least a couple of notebooks?

Writing things down by hand is proven to keep your mind sharp - writing boosts your memory and helps to develop your ideas, which in turn makes you more creative! Did you know that writing things down will actually help you express yourself more easily and improve your communication skills?

There are many organization apps to make your life easier and taking notes on your electronic devices is easy. They are helpful tools that I highly recommend, but I also think you should be writing down thoughts, ideas, lists. I'm still "old fashioned" when it comes to writing, and I find that having a scribble notebook (a notebook to jot down all your ideas, plans, rough drafts) is still necessary and helpful. When I am working at my desk writing blog posts, posting content, and creating content, I always have a notebook on my desk and two or three pens / markers. I write down everything that could be a potential idea. When I see things that inspire me on Pinterest for example, I write it down. I jot down popular keywords, hashtags and even words I think could be trending or future titles and product descriptions. When I'm adding new items to my Zazzle store, belvedereshop, I take note of trending products, new colors and potential products that would work with my design.

I admit that my notebook is a mess in the sense that it's just scribbles and notes everywhere, yet to me, it's a great tool. It's full of lists, punctuation-free sentences, keywords, tiny scribbles and some basic sketches but it keeps me somewhat organized. It's different to a planner because nothing in there is for sure...the blog posts might never end up getting written, the keywords never used, but the notebook acts as a deposit of potential creative content/designs.

Having notebooks you like is very important. Having an aesthetically pleasing notebook can inspire you to write more and use it more often. My notebooks are colorful and usually feature floral designs such as these here from Amazon and Zazzle (you can customize them):

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