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Why Capes are the Outerwear Must-Have For Winter 2019

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Get excited for Winter 2019! There are many great fashion trends coming your way! This Holiday party season is soon approaching and I've got you covered with the latest trends that will wow everyone at your office party or family gathering! Who doesn't want to look stylish at a Christmas party?

As we saw on the runways last year, there are going to be so many interesting trends for this upcoming season. Think beautiful capes, worn as statement outwear pieces, colored/patterned logo tights and leggings, plaid print, faux fur to add that touch of luxury, and dresses with ruffles and feathers...the season it's all about classic pieces with statement accessories and beautiful prints.

I've decided to pick my favorite trend for winter 2019 - capes - and share it with you. I think it's quite expensive to follow all the trends and not really necessary so I've chosen capes, which are easy to incorporate into any wardrobe for that extra touch of style!


Capes are back for another season this winter! They are essential outerwear pieces that are perfect to put on top of a Holiday or New Year's Eve party. Skip the winter coat and opt for an elegant cape that'll keep you warm and also make any outfit more sophisticated, instantly! I know, many women are wondering, "how do I style a cape?". It's all about balance. If you add a cape keep the other accessories simple and let the cape be the center of attention.

Capes were very popular in the past. They are considered an elegant option to the puffy jacket, trenchcoats, and sporty outerwear.

Look at these Pinterest outfits for inspiration:

Affordable Capes

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