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Top 3 Organic Makeup Brands You Need to Try Now + Best Products

Going natural is the current trend in cosmetics today, owing to growing awareness about the potential harm that harsh chemicals can do to the human body and the environment.

Women (myself included) are increasingly opting for products manufactured with natural ingredients that will not irritate or hurt their skin.

Organic cosmetics have risen in popularity as a result of consumer demand for safer beauty products.

If you read up on FDA regulations surrounding the terms organic and natural, you'll realize their definitions are too vague and confusing. But, organic refers to makeup that contains ingredients that are considered USDA-certified food grade.

In this post, I'm going to share my favorite organic makeup products that will give you fresh-looking, healthy, glowy skin!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. As a member of the Amazon Associates Program, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases. As a member of the LTK affiliate program, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

What makes Organic Make-Up Better?

Harmful components and synthetic substances should be avoided in organic beauty products. True organic makeup and beauty products are usually created from natural essential oils and herbs.

Organic makeup should not contain chemical pesticides and substances.

Although essential oils are used in most cosmetic treatments, they also contain active substances and additives that may be harmful to the body.

Certain goods containing a small percentage of natural plant extracts should not be mistaken for organic. The main elements in organic cosmetics are all-natural.

The real organic beauty and makeup products should be labeled organic, which means they have to pass certain certification standards. The ingredients in the makeup must be organically farmed.

High-quality organic cosmetics require all-natural components derived from unrefined, preservative-free organic materials that are cold-processed to preserve the delicate characteristics of the product.

While all products require some processing, organic makeup producers do so in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Synthetic preservatives and those that emit formaldehyde into the skin are avoided in organic makeup.

This indicates that their cosmetics contain no parabens, urea derivatives, or other formaldehyde-producing ingredients.

Similarly, no petrochemicals, which are preservatives generated from petroleum, are used. Petroleum jelly, mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol, acetones, and benzene-like compounds are all examples of this.

Some cosmetics necessitate solvent extraction. Chemical solvents are generally hazardous to humans, hence they are not used in the creation of organic cosmetics.

Phthalates, which are found in plastics, are known to mimic estrogen and can cause female-related disorders. These are also avoided in the production and packaging of organic cosmetics.

Now that you know some of the harmful ingredients you find in most makeup products, it's time to look at some excellent organic makeup products that actually work and look beautiful when applied to the skin.

Best organic makeup brands to try now

The following brands manufacture very good-quality makeup products. These products are not only clean, but they apply nicely, last all day, and will make your complexion look amazing!


ILIA BEAUTY is best known for its clean, natural beauty products. The prices are similar to other high-end makeup products, but they perform well.

Kourtney Kardashian, Camila Mendes, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are just three of the celebrities who use this brand's makeup products.

This is one of my favorite multi-purpose makeup products. Although it's easy to use a cream blush or bronzer depending on the shades, you can use it on your lips too for subtle, natural lip color.

If you're looking for beautiful glowing skin, the serum highlighter is a must-try product.

It's more of a dewy glow but it doesn't have a glitter effect, so it looks almost natural.

This gel-serum formula is best applied with your fingers but you can use a damp beauty sponge or a small highlighter brush to dab onto cheeks.

If you like creamy concealers with medium coverage, you'll enjoy the ILIA serum concealer.

It has a mattifying effect and covers the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes while covering blemishes fully.

It's an everyday neutral eyeshadow palette with purple plumy shades for easy makeup looks.

You can smoke it out for nighttime or create a subtle neutral eyeshadow look for work. The shades are all blendable and there's a combination of mattes and shimmers.


This brand is all about natural beauty and skincare crafted with high-quality organic and clean ingredients. They're known for creamy products, perfect for a glow-up makeup look.

This hydrating primer is great if you want a radiant base for your makeup or use it on its own for a no-makeup makeup day.

It also contains hyaluronic acid which improves skin's elasticity.

The creamy RMS Buriti Bronzer gives a nice bronzed glow but what makes it special is that it's super easy to blend with a brush or makeup sponge.

It's also got some shine to it, so you can use it and skip the highlighter if you want.

This is one of the best organic volumizing mascaras because it contains peptides to strengthen and revitalize the lashes.

Use 1 coat for a very natural lash look or 2 coats for visible volume.


This brand is well-loved by natural makeup enthusiasts. Their formulas are top-notch and one of their best-selling must-try products is the foundation.

This is not one of those full-coverage foundations, but it offers nice medium coverage. It's very buildable and doesn't move for hours.

It has a matte finish, so it's great for oily skin too.

This amazing product is a hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss or lip oil. It doesn't dry the lips out and makes them seem plump and juicy.

The color is very muted so you can wear it comfortably all day long on any occasion.

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