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The 5 Essential Jewelry Trends You Need in Your Collection

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

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Wearing jewelry can really change your look instantly. Even minimal pieces will add that extra "oomph" to any outfit, no matter how boring or casual it is. Statement accessories can enhance your usual outfits and make you go from bland to wow.

I've compiled a list of the 5 types of jewelry pieces that are trending and popular right now which will complement your outfits. I gathered my ideas from Pinterest searches where I looked through what's popular in the jewelry and accessories section.

Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning I might make a small commission from sales.

I've tried to offer affordable and mid-priced jewelry selections and ideas for you.

1. Minimalist Rings

Okay, the rings don't need to be made out of gold as that can be expensive, but a very trendy ring style is the delicate gold minimalist ring. These rings are often stackable and have shapes on them such as hearts, knots, stars and circles and have an "unfinished" rough look. Minimalist rings have a dainty aesthetic to them. They are supposed to look "authentic" and "expensive" but in reality, they don't have to be. Just choose the right combination of rings to add to your fingers. Remember that you can mix metals for a more interesting look.

These are perfect for stacking or wearing individually!

Tip: If you don't want to invest in fashion jewelry and want to test out a trend first, before investing in high quality pieces, try cheap ring sets from AliExpress, I've linked a few throughout this post.

2. Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstone Necklaces have always been popular but the trend right now is a smaller stone in bright colors like blue or purple. The coin jewelry trend is easily adaptable with coin shaped gemstones for those of us who want something more elegant and timeless. Often women choose to buy necklaces with their birthstones on them but remember, you don't have to limit yourself that way and always try to choose colors that you like, not just your birthstone.

A similar affordable option here:

3. Moon and Star Earrings

Moon and stars are very popular trends for earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They are everywhere this year. It's easy to combine the moon and the star as earrings, one of each on each ear. Since the moon and star are usually worn as a set, try to get both. Moon and star jewelry pieces are always trending because symbolically they represent the cosmos, our universe and something other-worldly. There is also a spiritual element connected to these symbols and people like to wear such symbols as accessories.

This is probably the most popular trends so there are TONS of cheap alternatives like these dangle rhinestone earrings:

4. Rose Gold Bracelets

Skinny, stackable bracelets are trending, especially those with geometric shapes, moons, stars and zodiac symbols. Rose gold is a popular metal choice for many fashion jewelry pieces. The key to making rose gold bracelets stand out is to stack them and keep them "skinny". Don't try to over do it with big bangle style chunky pieces. Try different textures and finishes, different metals and odd or unique charms to make these bracelets stand out on your wrist.

Buying a stackable set is easier than mixing and matching your own, here's a good option:

5. Motivational Quote Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces with motivational quotes, simple messages and personal keepsake pieces are always a good addition to any collection. It used to be that having initials on your necklace was trendy, now it's have a "message". These pendant necklaces with special messages are timeless and never go out of style because they have this element of the personal embedded in them. Messages such as "love" "faith" "blessed" "stars can't shine without darkness" carry a meaning for the person wearing that piece of jewelry.

Add a cute charm to a necklace to make it more customized. Choose your favorite saying, like "good vibes only", which you can buy here:



Dark gemstones are quite popular for autumn/winter 2019. Onyx is the jewelry trend of the moment. Dark stones are elegant and timeless.

Check out these cute bow onyx earrings from Aliexpress (#affiliatelink)

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